The Fourth Warrior, Task for the Ardent Cowl: Spirit Gem  

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This is one of four subquests of The Fourth Warrior - The Ardent Cowl from An Ardent Elder. The subquests may be done in any order or all at once, but you must do all four before you can progress to The Fourth Warrior - The Solusek Mining Co.

  1. The gem is in a group of 3 chests on the Myr'dal cleft 132, -124, 176 , in Mistmoore Catacombs. To unlock them you need to kill any Myr'Dal until you get an update in your chat area saying You have found a { type } key. (Might be a scratched key or dull. Tarnished key is for left chest, scratched for middle chest, dull key is for right chest. The key you get is random, even within the same group.) You only need one of the 3 to complete the quest.
      • You will not get any updates saying you didn't receive the key, only the update saying that you got it.
  2. Return to An Ardent Elder.

The Fourth Warrior - The Ardent Cowl Cloak of Flames
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The Fourth Warrior - The Solusek Mining Co.
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