The Blade Within the Keep  

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Command of the Fayefolk language is required to start or complete this quest.

As a thanks for the gift you gave him, Engragion the Weathered in Butcherblock Mountains gives you information on how to find the blade which slew Eitholi the Fae.

  1. Chest with D'Vinn's Blade can be found in The Emperor's Chambers at -23, 23, 14 on the upper level of Crushbone Keep.
    • The chest will be clickable again in a few seconds after each use.
  2. Take the Blade to The Witch of the Wood within Greater Faydark at -757, 85, 381 . She gives you the last quest in the series, More Than Just a Tree.

A Voice of Another Kind Eitholi, Blade of the Fae
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More Than Just a Tree
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