What Dreams May Come  

To get certain components of this quest you will need to have done or be working on the tradeskill Flying Mount series and have completed Ship Out in Moors of Ykesha. You will also need 40k faction with Forgemasters of Thurgadin.
The recipes require a level 90 crafter.
See the bottom of this page for the shopping list.

Speak to Tora in the Vision of the Past to begin this quest. She asks you to do what you can to release the spirits of the Coldain.

  1. Speak to the gnomish pirates on the Thurgadin Dock.
    • To exit the instance, turn around. There's a standard round portal behind you. You can fly to the docks via the Griffon near Tora.
  2. Speak to Fenwick at 1293, -540, 474 . Ask him about Brell.
  3. Search the library in Brell's temple in Thurgadin for information about the shawl. It's a scroll at 475, -211, 237 , on the second shelf from the bottom. Pick it up to receive Personal Notes of Lorekeeper Solstrin. If you're an Armorer or Tailor, be sure to grab the extra recipe scroll at 475, -211, 237 next to it!
  4. Speak to Loremaster Verdandi, who is at 474.09, -211.64, 255.45 in Brell's temple in Thurgadin.
  5. Speak to Capru in the Goahmari Village.
  6. Retrieve the Damaged Coldain Prayer Shawl from the box at Capru's feet.
  7. Scribe Goahmari Notes on Shawl Repair, now in your inventory.
  8. Collect your ingredients and repair the shawl at a sewing table.
    • You can get two Crystalline Spiderling Silk per day from Capru once you are on her Dream Weaving quest, or from her spiderling Ktlk after that. They are also Heriloom.
  9. Speak to Loremaster Verdandi at 473.93, -211.64, 255.44 located in "The Temple of Brell"
  10. Speak to Mira at -1357, -534, -2160 in the Fina's Retreat area of the Icy Fingers region of the Great Divide zone. She gives you two Siren Hair.
    • Ensure that you hail Mira before crafting the silk shawl (next step), even if you already had the Siren Hair somehow. If you fail to speak to Mira you will have to delete the quest and re-start it.
    • If you lose the siren hairs you'll have to buy them from Shady Swashbuckler on the Nektulos Forest docks for an outrageous price.
  11. Scribe the Coldain Records on Historical Embroidery. Collect the ingredients and repair the embroidery on the Shawl on a sewing table.
  12. Speak to Loremaster Verdandi.
  13. Pray to Brell in the temple in Thurgadin.
    • You will need Gnomish Pirate Spirits. This item is made by Tinkerers during the High Spirits quest and is tradable.
    • Take the Spirits to the Temple of Brell. There's an altar at 487, -213, 257 . Right-click it and select "leave offering".
    • Meditate in the temple a bit. Stand somewhere in the middle of the temple (at 508, -214, 258 works) and inspiration will come to you. Be sure to respond by clicking "Praise Brell", then go check for your offering on the altar , PICKUP the scroll.
  14. You receive a recipe appropriate to your class, which is part of the reconstruction process.
  15. At this point you'll need all nine crafting classes to complete the shawl. Note that the results of these recipes are all Heirloom. For tips and warnings on getting items pre-combined in this part, see our notes on it below.
    1. Find a Carpenter to construct the rune casting mold.
      • You need: 1 fresh clay, 2 sumac, 1 titanium, 5 ethereal sandpaper.
      • You can only get the clay from the daily tasks in Tupta, available after you do Ship Out. Speak to Reedip Marrstongue in Moors of Ykesha for the daily mission and the clay will become harvestable along the nearby river.
    2. Get a blank brellium rune from an Armorer (Pattern:Blank Brellium Rune)
      • 1 brellium, 1 rune casting mold, 1 ethereal material, 1 ethereal coal
    3. Get a burin from a Weaponsmith (Pattern: Burin)
      • 1 iceclad swordfish, 1 Molkor Hide, 1 titanium, 5 ethereal coal
    4. Get a Woodworker to craft the details on the rune (Pattern: Etched Brellium Rune)
      • 1 blank brellium rune, 1 burin, 5 ethereal sandpaper
    5. Get an Alchemist to make a liquid velium (Pattern: Liquid Velium)
      • 1 genuine velium powder (bought for 5p, 83g, 20s  in Thurgadin from Merchant Hagus at 335, -292, 250 ), 1 gnomish pirate spirits (from the High Spirits quest), 5 ethereal candles
    6. Get a Provisioner to make you Cutlassfish Oil (Pattern: Cutlassfish Oil)
      • 3 iceclad cutlassfish, 5 ethereal kindling
    7. Get a Sage to make you Liquid velium ink (Pattern: Liquid Velium Ink)
      • 1 liquid velium, 1 Cutlassfish Oil, 5 ethereal incense
    8. Get a Tailor to make you a thread (Pattern: Sacred Coldain Thread)
      • 1 woven frost giant beard (bought for 2p, 18g  from Merchant Hagus), 1 siren hair, 2 manticore mane, 5 ethereal filament
    9. Get a Jeweler to decorate your rune (Pattern: Velium Etched Rune).
      • 1 etched brellium rune, 1 liquid velium ink, 1 ethereal coal.
  16. Sew the rune on the shawl using the "Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl" recipe
    • 1 embroidered coldain prayer shawl, 1 velium etched rune, 1 sacred coldain thread, 5 ethereal filament
  17. Speak to Tora
  18. Teleport under the ring of war battlefield using the orb near her
  19. Put the shawl on the table, speak to Tora, scribe the book (Tora's directions on summoning crystals), gather the ressources needed from the table (5 rough coldain crystal, 5 coldain beard hair, 5 herb of remembrance, 5 coldain sacred incense), open up your recipe on the device near her and then finish speaking to her.
  20. Craft 5 summoning crystals and put them on the table in 12 minutes. To put them on the table, just click it. Recipes are hard to craft and you'll have to focus and never miss a step. If you miss a counter (event) you will die.
  21. Speak to Brell
  22. Speak to Loremaster Verdandi

Shopping List

Special Items Not Obtained During the Quest


  • 1 brellium (T9 rare ore)
  • 2 sumac lumber
  • 2 titanium ore
  • 1 ethereal material
  • 1 iceclad swordfish (fished only in Velious)
  • 3 iceclad cutlassfish (fished only in Velious)
  • 1 Molkor Hide (trapped only in Velious)
  • 2 manticore mane (rare, trapped only in Velious)



Some items can be pre-combined for you for the step in which you need an item from every tradeskill class. However, it is very important that you do not get too ahead of your quest's progression, as these steps update one-by-one, unlike the tradeskill epic quest!

  • You can have the Carpenter, Weaponsmith, Alchemist, Provisioner and Tailor items pre-made at any time.
  • DO NOT get the Armorer update before getting the Carpenter update. The Armorer update consumes the item in the process.
  • DO NOT get the Woodworker update before getting the Armorer and Weaponsmith updates. The Woodworker update consumes both of their items in the process.
  • DO NOT get the Sage update before getting the Alchemist and Provisioner updates. The Sage update consumes both of their items in the process.
  • DO NOT get the Jeweler update before getting the Woodworker and Sage updates. The Jeweler update consumes both of their items in the process.

After the class combines you will be left with the Tailor and Jeweler combines. If you are having items made for other crafter alts, ensure that you log them in and pull the items out of shared bank to update their quests before those items are consumed.

If you do mess up and get ahead of yourself, you will need one more of each class's item that you skipped over. For instance, if you get the Sage combine done before having the Alchemist and Provisioner updates, you will need those two class items again.

To play this part completely safe, you'll want to not have any pre-combines done aside from Carpenter and Tailor! As long as you keep yourself in check, though, it is feasible to make some progress while waiting for other class combines.


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OOC What Dreams May Come is a 1998 movie about one man's search for his wife in the afterlife.

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