Brittle Chips Ahoy  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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a brittle bone chip
Min Coin: 57s, 32c
Max Coin: 1g, 64s, 35c

Game Update #48
Breaking Ground
Live: Sept. 3, 2008

Seeress Ealaynya Ithis has been murdered! But before we can deal with that we have to handle an army of undead which has arisen in Antonica.

  • Gather ten brittle bone chips from the brittle Antonica residents outside the gates of Qeynos in Antonica.
    • The brittle Antonica residents wandering about are level 10-12 and don't give quest updates. Look for a glowing bone pile on the ground with the option to "Unsettle the bones". This will cause a level-appropriate version to spawn, which will drop a brittle bone chip.

Return for your reward.

This quest is repeatable.

While Shepherd Bainyn has prompts for another quest, he says we need more bone chips. Next to him is a Celestial Watch bone chip collection, which when hailed said (this on Test), "This orb holds less than 10% of the amount Shepherd Bainyn requires."

According to Kaitheel:

You may not have known this, but that bone chip collection orb is reflecting the number of bone chips turned in to that NPC for the entire server! It is a *huge* number that Evdokia and Shepherd Bainyn each require, and only through the cooperation of your fellow adventurers will this number be met, and thus the next step of the event unlocked.

You must do this quest at least once too obtain the second quest (when it is unlocked).

Void Storms Part 3
Quest Series
The Adventure of the Celestial Acolyte
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This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that were involved in the Void Storms World Event, which started with GU46 and ran until The Shadow Odyssey went live. The event has now concluded, but this information is retained for historical purposes.

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