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NameTierClassificationNode TypeSkillFound In
Far Seas Table0ObjectOtherN/A 
Frost Covered Plaque 30ObjectOtherN/A 
Journal In Neophyte Camp0ObjectOtherN/A 
Hanging Lamp On Wall0ObjectOtherN/A 
Skull With Note0ObjectOtherN/A 
Frost Covered Plaque 40ObjectOtherN/A 
Lasydia's Statue0ObjectOtherN/A 
Pot In Nektulos0ObjectOtherN/A 
Stump By Falls0ObjectOtherN/A 
Cart In Temple0ObjectOtherN/A 
Golem Book0ObjectOtherN/A 
Wreck Of Q.S.S. Stormbear0ObjectOtherN/A 
Skeleton In Neophyte Camp0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ghost Mastery Book0ObjectOtherN/A 
Far Seas Table - Nektulos0ObjectOtherN/A 
Bucket Of Fish On Dock0ObjectOtherN/A 
Beaker On Table0ObjectOtherN/A 
Tailor Moppet0ObjectOtherN/A 
Vallon Stone Marker0ObjectOtherN/A 
Sullon Stone Marker0ObjectOtherN/A 
Vallon Tombstone0ObjectOtherN/A 
Frost Covered Plaque 50ObjectOtherN/A 
Paper On Floor0ObjectOtherN/A 
Corpse In Drains0ObjectOtherN/A