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NameTierClassificationNode TypeSkillFound In
Jum Jum Tap0ObjectOtherN/A 
Tallon Stone Marker0ObjectOtherN/A 
Small Chest At Lookout0ObjectOtherN/A 
First Sewer Outlet To Citadel0ObjectOtherN/A 
Second Sewer Outlet To Citadel0ObjectOtherN/A 
Sir Wembly's Tomb0ObjectOtherN/A 
Pages Under Rock0ObjectOtherN/A 
Iron Maiden (NC)0ObjectOtherN/A 
Gascot's Book0ObjectOtherN/A 
Boar Head With Eye0ObjectOtherN/A 
Boar Head Missing Eye0ObjectOtherN/A 
Bubbling Green Soup In A Pot0ObjectOtherN/A 
Evol Ew Campfire0ObjectOtherN/A 
Bootstrutter's West Zek Stone0ObjectOtherN/A 
Shadowed Shrine0ObjectOtherN/A 
Scroll In Cave0ObjectOtherN/A 
An Icy Coin0ObjectOtherN/A 
Inscription Chiseled In Gray Stone0ObjectOtherN/A 
Collapse Book0ObjectOtherN/A 
Uzu Druzaic Shrine0ObjectOtherN/A 
Uzu Druzaic Shrine0ObjectOtherN/A 
Weathered Scroll0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ship's Steering Wheel0ObjectOtherN/A 
Chest Covered In Frost0ObjectOtherN/A