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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Hogpin FubberfinThe BonemireNo
A Quellithulian Theurgist67-68   vThe BonemireNo
Bearer Of The Crux70   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The BonemireYes
Shissa The Ashweaver66   ^ ^ HeroicThe BonemireYes
An Undying Warrior70   -The BonemireNo
A Draconic Homunculi66-67   v vThe BonemireNo
A Humator Colonizer66-67   ^The BonemireNo
A Doomwing Warrior66-68   v   to   -The BonemireNo
Minxy FonwiggleThe BonemireNo
The Reclaimer Manikin67   ^The BonemireYes
A Swarmer Drone70   v v vThe BonemireNo
A Humator Drone70   v v vThe BonemireNo
Nab'Kurgal66   -The BonemireYes
A Humator Colonizer Drone66-67   v v vThe BonemireNo
Bomkin FlickernukThe BonemireNo
A Fetidthorn Wraith70   -The BonemireNo
Deegli BubbowusThe BonemireNo
A Celebrating Gnome1   v v vThe BonemireNo
Kiglin Clobbernoks64   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe BonemireNo
The Carnovingian70   ^ ^ HeroicThe BonemireYes
Roywinkle ElmanThe BonemireNo
A Humator Ambusher70   -The BonemireNo
A Vornerus Defender66-67   -The BonemireNo
A Doomwing Dragonspawn67-68   -The BonemireNo
The Hierodule68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe BonemireYes