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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Trained Winter Wolf44   v vIcespire SummitNo
A Windrider Maiden43-44   v v   to   ^Icespire SummitNo
A Cloudsong Maiden44   v vIcespire SummitNo
Gale Monarch E'yildir44   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Icespire SummitYes
A Skyshield Maiden43-44   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicIcespire SummitNo
Sky Marshal Valdis44   -Icespire SummitYes
An Ice Guardian43-44   ^ ^ HeroicIcespire SummitNo
A Galebreaker Maiden44   v vIcespire SummitNo
Eidolon Of The Ancients44   ^Icespire SummitNo
Spirit Of The Fallen44   ^ ^ ^ HeroicIcespire SummitYes
A Trained Ice Wolf43   ^ ^ HeroicIcespire SummitNo
Karg IcebearIcespire SummitYes