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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Guard L'Sek22   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardNo
Eldin "One-Eye"The GraveyardNo
A Ravenous SkeletonThe GraveyardNo
A Knight Of TruthThe GraveyardNo
An Amateur Graverobber5-6   -The GraveyardNo
Durkix KizzkinThe GraveyardNo
An Ethernere Guard9-10   ^The GraveyardNo
A Dread Spider7-8   vThe GraveyardNo
AdriannaThe GraveyardNo
A Scourge Rat8   vThe GraveyardNo
Restless Knight Of Truth1   -The GraveyardNo
A Disturbed Soul3-10   v v vThe GraveyardNo
An Undead Knight8-9   vThe GraveyardNo
A Fearsome Spider5-6   vThe GraveyardNo
R'TokThe GraveyardNo
An Ethernere Defender11   v v vThe GraveyardNo
Sir Ollin8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes
Volusa TuditaniaThe GraveyardNo
A Boneyard Watcher11-12   -   to   ^The GraveyardNo
A Wooly Spider4   vThe GraveyardNo
An Undead Fighter5-6   vThe GraveyardNo
An Undead Knight8-9   vThe GraveyardNo
Guard DetlevThe GraveyardNo
Hangman San'toth13   ^The GraveyardYes
Zekvila DizelkThe GraveyardNo
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