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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Deadly Bloodbloom58-59   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Freeport EmissaryTenebrous TangleNo
Spykrachis61   ^Tenebrous TangleYes
A Ravasect Drone64-65   v vTenebrous TangleNo
An Overlook Laborer1   v v vTenebrous TangleNo
A Scaleborn Ambusher61   v vTenebrous TangleNo
A Bee Serf Worker60   vTenebrous TangleNo
A Guardian Of Secrets74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTenebrous TangleNo
A Storm Cell56-58   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Small Whirlwind1   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTenebrous TangleNo
A Vornerus Manaweaver63   v vTenebrous TangleNo
A Starwatcher63   v v vTenebrous TangleNo
A Summoned Frightling58   vTenebrous TangleNo
Queen Zilina The Deposed60   ^Tenebrous TangleYes
Spirit Of Do'ellin70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTenebrous TangleYes
A Vigilant Froglok AlchemistTenebrous TangleNo
A Thulian Terrorlord59   -Tenebrous TangleNo
Drizzler57   ^Tenebrous TangleYes
An Old ManTenebrous TangleNo
A Vultak Scrounger59-60   v vTenebrous TangleNo
A Goblin Chef60   v v vTenebrous TangleNo
Thunderclap58   ^Tenebrous TangleYes
Scavenge Master60   vTenebrous TangleNo
A Priest Of Fear70   v v vTenebrous TangleNo
A JumperTenebrous TangleNo
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