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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Seething DarkelfLongshadow AlleyNo
T`GaskLongshadow AlleyNo
Arms Dealer T`NyvezLongshadow AlleyNo
Lynsia T'KanixLongshadow AlleyNo
Modian K`JarrLongshadow AlleyNo
Imnat D`VrenLongshadow AlleyNo
Zelina T`VonLongshadow AlleyNo
Sh`NraLongshadow AlleyNo
Ezria M'LinarLongshadow AlleyNo
A Street ToughLongshadow AlleyNo
An Outraged Human1   ^Longshadow AlleyNo
Alanaramal Z'AsteLongshadow AlleyNo
BrelsladeLongshadow AlleyNo
Innurae V`TarrisLongshadow AlleyNo
A Street ToughLongshadow AlleyNo
P`ThekLongshadow AlleyNo
T`Vek16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLongshadow AlleyNo
Kalraath L'VinLongshadow AlleyNo
Orian D`RakLongshadow AlleyNo
Maliz T`RaanLongshadow AlleyNo
Vorshar L`FazLongshadow AlleyNo
T`Narra16-17   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLongshadow AlleyNo
KouryickLongshadow AlleyNo
Nezzka S`TaiLongshadow AlleyNo
K`ToliaLongshadow AlleyNo
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