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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Ry'Gorr War Shaman90-91   v v   to   -Eastern WastesNo
GraniteriftEastern WastesNo
Oracle Of Ry'Gorr91   ^ ^ HeroicEastern WastesYes
A Supply Barrel1   v v vEastern WastesNo
A Yha-lei Infiltrator92   -Eastern WastesNo
A Frostpaw Direbear90   -Eastern WastesNo
A Drakonine Watcher90   v v vEastern WastesNo
BaoEastern WastesNo
A Geopet Guardian91-92   v v vEastern WastesNo
Orolr ThroatgrinderEastern WastesNo
A Shell Piercer90-91   vEastern WastesNo
An Atrophy Of Growth92-93   vEastern WastesNo
FiytEastern WastesNo
A Wakening Ravager93   v v v   to   -Eastern WastesNo
KapuEastern WastesNo
A Tempestuous Blizzard Dervish91   ^Eastern WastesNo
A Cinder Walker91   -Eastern WastesNo
A Deepwater Researcher90   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Eastern WastesNo
A Slain Othmir90-91   -Eastern WastesNo
An Icegaze Basilisk90   v v vEastern WastesNo
A Yha-lei Invader90-91   v   to   -Eastern WastesNo
A Yha-lei Attacker92   ^Eastern WastesNo
An Othmir Fisherman1   -Eastern WastesNo
Blazebody97   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Eastern WastesYes
A Geonid Defender92   v v vEastern WastesNo
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