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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Watery Construct80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKarnor's CastleNo
An Aqua Aggressor73   -Fens of NathsarNo
An Iceflow8-9   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Looming Fear82   ^ ^ HeroicMiragul's Phylactery: The AnathemaNo
A Mystical Entangler59-60   -The Mystic LakeNo
A Rime Hydrolated Battler77-78   ^Jarsath WastesNo
The Cascade Devourer68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedYes
A Temple Protector63   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo
Spirit Of Water54   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo
An Aqueous Serpent59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo
Floodwhip60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityYes
The Inimical Slush15   ^Frostfang SeaYes
An Aqueous Serpent59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo
A Temple Defender59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo
Test Of Time97   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTower of TacticsNo
A Molten Sphere91   -Eastern WastesNo
Power Of Air80   v v vThe Crypt of VoxNo
A Sea Spray52   v v vThe Sinking SandsNo
A Sodden Arenea55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Living TombsNo
Spirit Of Water67-68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Den of the DevourerYes
A Water Elemental67-68   v   to   -The Den of the DevourerYes
A Sinister Fluidity67-68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedNo
A Sodden Arenea55   -The Silent CityNo
A Water Spirit55   ^New TunariaNo
An Elemental Ambusher90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo