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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
PurrlaNorth QeynosNo
A Sleetsaber Scout71-70   -Kylong PlainsNo
A Ning Yun FishermanThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
Reverent Controller26   ^ ^ HeroicThe Roekillik ExcavationYes
An Undying Warden50-51   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: The ReturnNo
A Fallen Brigand7   v v v   to   vQueen's ColonyNo
Lieutenant Klaatuus98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Tallon's Stronghold [Challenge]Yes
Londiar InygadThe City of FreeportNo
The Basalt Watcher13   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forest RuinsYes
A Forgotten Assassin33-35   v vNektulos Mini 02No
A Necrosis Shrew19-20   ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo
A Sneaky Goblin3   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNajena's Hollow TowerYes
Lieutenant Xelsix72   ^ ^ HeroicFens of NathsarNo
A Thexian Historian18   v vFallen GateNo
An Enforcer Champion82-80   ^The City of FreeportYes
A Desiccated Sokokar1   -Fens of NathsarNo
A House Everling Jester21   ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: Craftsman ErrandsNo
A Seasoned Defender14-15   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe RuinsNo
Miragul88   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Miragul's Planar ShardYes
Waldhar StonebackFrostfang SeaNo
A Starving Dervish Footpad21-24   v v v   to   -The Prison of Admiral GrimgadgetNo
Menele Gaines1   vNeriak, City of HateNo
A Defender Of Growth100   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Nektulos ForestNo
ThurokKylong PlainsNo
Gunda Firehammer11   ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkNo