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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Desolate Nisch Mas20   v   to   ^The Drowned Caverns: Hot WaterNo
A Rallosian Captain36   vthe LMS IntruderNo
A Gul'Thex Ravager29-30   vNektulos ForestNo
Grodinor94   ^Vasty Deep: The Abandoned LabsNo
A Forgotten Thrall87   -The Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
A Mindless Weaver31   v v vThe Ruins of VarsoonNo
A Wretched Cabilisian Trooper73-74   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Blood-drained Aggressor4   ^ ^ HeroicBefallen: Necrotic AsylumNo
A Deathbone Knight27-28   v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
The Creator32   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of VarsoonYes
A Varsoon Taster32   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of VarsoonNo
A Skeletal Warrior74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicAntechamber of FateNo
An Eternal Nisch Val21-22   v vSundered Splitpaw: Trial of HarclaveNo
A Charred Acolyte15-16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Firemyst GullyNo
A Fanatic Inquisitor25   ^ ^ ^ HeroicStormholdNo
An Undertaker Skeleton77   ^ ^ HeroicCharasis: Vault of Eternal SleepNo
An Unliving Sergeant51   v v vThe Sinking SandsNo
Dragoon V'Ghen27   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Vault of the FallenNo
Restless Knight Of Truth1   -The GraveyardNo
A Summoned Striker54   ^The Mines of MeldrathNo
An Atrebite Direpriest85   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEmperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-shaNo
A Dragoon Sentry25   -Nektulos ForestNo
The Cursed Remains Of Shiela Everling53   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: The ReturnYes
An Ethereal Nisch Val3-4   v   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSundered Splitpaw: Anvilpaw's GrottoNo
A Drenched Zombie80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChardokNo