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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Hatemonger82   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Shard of HateNo
A Skeletal Caretaker74-75   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKarnor's CastleNo
A Ravenous SkeletonThe GraveyardNo
Fallen Scholar Edgars4   ^ ^ ^ HeroicBefallen: The Spread of UndeathYes
Archmagus Naerius D'Lyle20   ^Valley of the Rogue MagiYes
An Infernal Tesch Mas20-21   -Sundered SplitpawNo
A Drowned Prisoner49   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicDeathfist Citadel: AssaultNo
A Conjured Nisch Mas Specter20-21   ^ ^ HeroicSundered SplitpawNo
General Koranug36   ^ ^ ^ Heroicthe QSS BootstrutterYes
An Awakened Nisch Mas Revenant20-21   ^ ^ HeroicSundered SplitpawNo
Dukriz45   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe City of FreeportNo
A Regenerating Mass95-96   ^ ^ ^ HeroicZraxth's Unseen ArcanumNo
A Deathfist Bone Construct53   -Deathfist Citadel: AssaultNo
Dragoon Z'Talis27   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Vault of the FallenNo
An Orillian Oracle51   ^The SanctoriumNo
Captain Taj' Neth52   ^The Sinking SandsYes
A Ghoulish Dancer1   v v vThe Haunted HouseNo
A Spectral Rosch Mas19-20   -Sundered SplitpawNo
A Rotting Skeleton24-25   -Edgewater DrainsNo
An Invoked Deathwrap78   -Kunzar JungleNo
A Shard Of Garanel74   ^ ^ ^ Heroic The Estate of UnrestNo
A Dead River Knight25   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
A Crumbling Tomb Priest14-15   vVermin's SnyeNo
Erbmys Sumyd35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of VarsoonYes
A Charred Magus17-18   -The Firemyst GullyNo