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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Seafury Mender1   v v v   to   -The Seafury HideoutNo
Conduit Of Elemental Fury5   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRavenscale RepositoryYes
An Icy Construct2   ^The Icy Keep (Hard)Yes
A Lamia Savage39-40   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
PatchesNorth FreeportNo
A Roekillik Digger21   v vThe CommonlandsNo
A Dregs Vagrant13-14   -The CommonlandsNo
Censor Of Reconstruction5   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRavenscale RepositoryYes
The Spirit Sucker53   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: The ReturnYes
A Ratillik Hunter37-38   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimNo
Izzay MeestereWest FreeportNo
A Tainted Scorpion38   v   to   -Orcishwastes CavernsNo
A Coalition Provisioner1   -The Coalition FactoryNo
A Nervous Ratonga90   v v vQeynos HarborNo
A Thexian Spiritwarden33   -D'Morte Burial ChamberNo
A Lamia Deathcaller42-43   vRivervaleNo
A Wizard's Familiar22   ^Fallen GateNo
Undertow44   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEverfrostYes
Verishu39-40   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
An Awakened Construct68   ^Trials of the AwakenedNo
Singetusk4   ^ ^ HeroicThe Drowned Caverns: Brutal Acts of WarYes
A Rock Crawler Hive Defender20-21   v v   to   ^ ^ HeroicSundered Splitpaw: Crawler NestNo
Incuuba84   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKunzar JungleNo
An Enchanted Tome32-34   v v   to   -The Ruins of VarsoonNo
Crazy Charlene3   -Qeynos HarborNo