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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Seafury Windcaller1   v v v   to   -The Seafury HideoutNo
A Decrepit Wraith23-25   v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo
A Rubble Rumbler Elder25   v v vHeroic: Rumbler CavesNo
An Invading Lacerator81-82   -LavastormNo
A Ratonga Assassin30   vAntonicaNo
An Accused Citizen1   -Scale Yard: Traitors' EndNo
Varanak The Everlasting56   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Spirits of the LostYes
A Roekillik Guard53   -The Icy DigNo
A Nightblood Sentry36-40   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Obelisk of Lost SoulsNo
A Bloodthirsty Lasher35   ^Enchanted LandsNo
A Galebreaker Maiden38-39   v   to   -The Fanged SeaNo
A Nightblood Shadowrage42-43   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
A Galebreaker Pilgrim48   ^EverfrostNo
A Savannah Kudu16-17   -The CommonlandsNo
Tome Of Life31   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Ruins of VarsoonYes
Dante Sewershank14   ^The CommonlandsNo
A Mutilated Deer1   v v vDarklight WoodNo
BuglukMoors of YkeshaYes
A Shrool Harmonizer35   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimNo
A Treasure Chest1   v v vSundered Splitpaw: Gladiator's TriumphNo
Druzan Elite Warrior27   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Roekillik ExcavationNo
A Whispering Tormentor38   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of T'haenNo
A Bloodskull Grunt30-32   -   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Bloodskull Valley: A Noble ConfrontationNo
Reverend Rutzkill35-36   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKaladimYes
A Ratonga Citizen1     to   v v vTemple Street: Vault of NecromechanicaNo