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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Cornath41   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSouth FreeportNo
Jonak HarvesterThe City of FreeportNo
A Diaku Warder98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Tallon's Stronghold [Challenge]No
Urduuk The Desecrator85   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe CommonlandsYes
General Utehk98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Tallon's StrongholdYes
A Mauled Gunthak Pirate1   v v vThe Mystic LakeNo
Torg Bonegrinder29   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEast FreeportNo
A Coalition Blacksmith1   -The Coalition FactoryNo
HargulaThe City of FreeportNo
Guard Fimi30   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe CommonlandsNo
Commandant Bloodsole9   -Freeport Militia HouseYes
A Freeport GladiatorThe City of FreeportNo
Hinvat Deathbringer98   ^ ^ ^ HeroicElements of WarYes
A Freeport Defender78   ^Besieged Freeport DocksNo
UthngarEast FreeportNo
Pirate Keelkrush67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Mystic LakeYes
Nurgg Rockchest1   v v vPalace of FerzhulNo
A Nights Of The Dead CelebratorNorth FreeportNo
Hinvat Deathbringer98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Elements of War [Challenge]Yes
Balagog The TinyKylong PlainsNo
Conthar95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe City of FreeportNo
Ulaka46   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe City of FreeportNo
Moosh80   v v vWard of ElementsYes
A Gunthak Ransacker56-59   v v v   to   -The Mystic LakeNo
Najenaar Darkguard5   ^Najena's Hollow TowerNo