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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Sentry Warwen75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Tekenil75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Glazrah75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Arakun75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Zollikla75   -Timorous DeepNo
Prime Parser Riz'LinTimorous DeepNo
A Gorowyn Parser1   v v vTimorous DeepNo
Sentry Zulkin75   -Timorous DeepNo
Gorowyn Sentry Secondary95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTimorous DeepNo
A Chrykori Defender7-13   -   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Timorous DeepNo
A Chrykori Guard10   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Clizwin75   -Timorous DeepNo
Rulzokal Sky'Nok95   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Timorous DeepNo
Watcher Eyrzikla75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Bykinil75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Virak75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Cholkin75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Salssra75   -Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Wykaera75   -Timorous DeepNo
Andok Ska'Lul95   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Gorodekil75   -Timorous DeepNo
Gorowyn Sentry Tertiary95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTimorous DeepNo
Prime Sentry Zulwen95   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Timorous DeepNo
Sentry Tokor75   -Timorous DeepNo
A Chrykori Lookout10   -Timorous DeepNo
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