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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Palace Gruengach Diviner94   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinNo
Zordiac The Horned Negotiator95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinYes
CarpusEastern WastesNo
A Gruengach Enforcer89   ^ ^ HeroicLibrary of ErudinNo
GemonThe HoleNo
Grozdan Haunthoof88   ^The Stonebrunt HighlandsYes
A Gruengach Striker87-88   -The Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
A Palace Gruengach Diviner93-94   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinNo
A Palace Gruengach Asperser93-94   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinNo
A Goatman Reinforcer89   ^Library of ErudinNo
A Gruengach Silencer90   -The Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
A Horned Negotiator97   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Palace of Roehn TheerYes
Zulfiqar The Indomitable89   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLibrary of ErudinYes
JaelThe HoleNo
A Goahmari Defender90   v v v   to   -Great DivideNo
Clefthoof Archmagus Manno95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinYes
DillamondGreat DivideNo
CapruGreat DivideNo
A Gruengach Legionnaire88   v v   to   vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
A Goahmari Monk90   -Great DivideNo
Gruengach Warlord97   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Palace of Roehn TheerYes
A Goahmari Recluse90   -Great DivideNo
LamisThe HoleNo
BillieGreat DivideNo
Praun The Interrogator95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRoyal Palace of ErudinYes