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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Hulis GlettlegearButcherblock MountainsNo
Captain Gnoggin1   ^The Jolly GnogginNo
Glycon DuroniusSouth FreeportNo
Edna WingrocketMoors of YkeshaNo
Barreled FlimflamTemple Street: Vault of NecromechanicaNo
A Heroes' Festival Celebrator1   v v vNeriak, City of HateNo
Squire MikkelNorth QeynosNo
Aether Racing PromoterThe Thundering SteppesNo
Painter BrushwuttleNorth FreeportNo
Professor A.M. Fiddlewiz1   v v vPalace of FerzhulNo
Aether Racing RefereeAntonicaNo
Annabelle LekterFrostfang SeaNo
Flaerius RubicoNorth FreeportNo
Boz Wogglecup65   ^Loping PlainsYes
Mizzen StaysailButcherblock MountainsNo
A Qeynos Guardsman1   -Fight ClubNo
Bellis ColdslateSteamfont MountainsNo
Mopin ClocklockThe Sundered FrontierNo
PottsbyQeynos HarborNo
Colonel LeevanKylong PlainsNo
Fitzpitzle73   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4DeathtollYes
A Crazed Channel Mender18-19   -The Serpent SewerNo
Aether Racing RefereeDarklight WoodNo
A Heroes' Festival Celebrator1   v v vGreater FaydarkNo
A Guard Mystic1   -Fight ClubNo