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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Yha-lei Defender82-83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithNo
A Yha-lei Attacker92   v v vEastern WastesNo
A Yha-lei Harpooner79-80   -Jarsath WastesNo
A Coerced Mudfin70-71   v vKylong PlainsNo
A Yha-lei Sentinel82-83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithNo
A Yha-lei Tumm Tumm Prancer69-70   v vFens of NathsarNo
A Yha-lei Scrounger90-91   v v   to   -Eastern WastesNo
A Yha-lei Marauder80   ^Fens of NathsarNo
Ul'lugh The Divine83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVeksar: The Sunken TheaterYes
Gruerg The Ravager83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVeksar: The Sunken TheaterYes
A Yha-lei Explorer71-72   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Yha-lei Marauder1   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Fallen Yha-lei Attacker1   ^ ^ ^ HeroicFens of NathsarNo
A Yha-lei Leech-leash81-82   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVeksar: The Sunken TheaterNo
A Yha-lei Propagator83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithNo
Krel'Vhap The Defeater84   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithYes
A Yha-lei Conqueror98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Perah'Celsis' Abominable LaboratoryNo
A Devoted Yha-lei Sectary83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithNo
A Yha-lei Arbiter83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithNo
A Slain Yha-lei90-91   -Eastern WastesNo
A Yha-lei Hydromancer71-72   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Captive Mudfin1   v v vKylong PlainsNo
A Mudfin Warrior69-70   -Kylong PlainsNo
A Devouring Yha-lei Leech83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicChelsithNo
A Mudfin Warrior1   v v vKylong PlainsNo