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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
The Gorgon Wrangler92   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe HoleYes
A Frothbark Whipcracker33   v v vKaladimNo
A Crushbone Armorer22   ^ ^ ^ HeroicCrushbone KeepNo
A Captured Infiltrator1   ^ ^ ^ HeroicCrypt of ValdoonNo
Chief Gragnar87   ^ ^ HeroicThe Stonebrunt HighlandsYes
A Light Keeper74   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald HallsNo
A D'Vinnian Dragoon25-30   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicCrushbone KeepNo
A Brownie Dancer1   v v vEnchanted Brownie GrottoNo
A Grikbar Outcast45   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Askadian Adakus75   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald HallsNo
Shimmer Moonfair1   v v vGreater FaydarkNo
Fist Of Water60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
An Enslaved Scamp40-41   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
Chieftain Korgull65   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMistmoore CatacombsYes
A Yarpsnarl Reaver32-35   v v   to   ^Butcherblock MountainsNo
An Enslaved Battler40-41   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
A Gragnar Hoarder86   vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo
A Mazkeen Raider39-40   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
A Glitched Clockwork Spider45   -Klak'AnonNo
A Traitor's Remains29-30   ^Crushbone KeepNo
A Crushbone Centurion18   v vGreater FaydarkNo
A Fayllian Safeguard56-57   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
A Dead Prisoner1   v v vCourt of KorucustNo
A D'Vinnian Seer32-33   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe D'Vinnian ThroneNo
Clockwork Assistant "Hertal"Steamfont MountainsNo