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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
The Hemogoblin74   ^ ^ ^ Heroic The Estate of UnrestYes
Zylphax The Shredder74   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Freethinker HideoutYes
Dusty DiamondGreater FaydarkNo
BreezebloomGreater FaydarkNo
An Arasai Male1   v v vNeriak, City of HateNo
A Crushbone Legionnaire25-30   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicCrushbone KeepNo
Proudstalker36   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
Disturbed Crystal-grinder92   ^The HoleNo
A Crushbone Lieutenant18-19   v vGreater FaydarkNo
Picklenose38   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
Ambassador Gibrien MarsdenGreater FaydarkNo
Hemotoxia95   ^ ^ HeroicVasty Deep: The Vestigial CellaYes
A Kragbak Spectator33-34   -   to   ^KaladimNo
A Deadwatch Puritan35-36   -KaladimNo
Clockwork Tactician62   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Clockwork Menace FactoryYes
A Grungetalon Lifter33-34   v   to   -KaladimNo
Zetavorash60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
Flip Frostwing1   v v vGreater FaydarkNo
TikhonThe HoleNo
Kell GlavitusThe City of FreeportNo
Restauranteur Brizeyl MyrikaGreater FaydarkNo
Crackbak The Scavenger34   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimYes
A Brownie Prophet54-55   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
Sarvalag The Crusher65   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMistmoore CatacombsYes
Clockwork Menace1   v v vSteamfont MountainsNo