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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
KuristaGreater FaydarkNo
A Bloodhorn Headhunter43-44   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Welmia DeepheartQeynos HarborNo
Juho Aulis10   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkNo
A Fractious Drelock3-4   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRavenscale RepositoryNo
Grak Shattersnout35   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
A Crushbone Trainer30-33   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe D'Vinnian ThroneNo
A Kragbak Shaman34-35   ^KaladimNo
Rockshaper JorgunThe HoleNo
A Twisted Mossfiend96   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Perah'Celsis' Abominable LaboratoryNo
A Grikbar Madcap38   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
Trainer Eivarra LaceleafGreater FaydarkNo
A Dreadguard Observer30-35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe D'Vinnian ThroneNo
A Mechanized Toy Maker0--1   -Gnip Gnopp's Gizmo ShopNo
A Crushbone Oracle18-19   v v   to   -Greater FaydarkNo
A Brownie Operative55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
Gandol Deathwing100   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNeriak, City of HateNo
A Sentry Of Righteousness63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo
A Myconid Curator57-58   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Feral Coyote35-38   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Lady Astaar EvinienGreater FaydarkNo
A Terrok Clerk33-34   v vKaladimNo
A Marrow Boiler72   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Freethinker HideoutNo
Sir GearheartGreater FaydarkNo
A Balespring Raider48-49   vSteamfont MountainsNo