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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Trial Air Elemental9   vQeynos Bank interiorNo
A Fayfly13   v   to   -Greater FaydarkNo
A Fae Drake Mage54-56   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Gloompall Gustbreaker59   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Razorwing Spiritist48   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of T'Haen: VengeanceNo
Princess Zhyleen10   v v vGreater FaydarkNo
A Lost Nymph Soul34   -The Cauldron HollowNo
A Gloompall Breezebender59   -Tenebrous TangleNo
Sullian Royal Vizier27-28   vNektulos ForestNo
A Gloompall Breezebender60   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Seamist Maiden33-34   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
An Oakmyst Fairy6-8   -Oakmyst ForestNo
A Faerie Gatekeeper10   v v v   to   v vThe Peat BogNo
A Gloompall Windscratcher59   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Darkflight Initiate37   vEnchanted LandsNo
A Darkflight Pixie28   v v vThe Maid for the MistNo
Seamist Fairy YasintaNektulos ForestYes
A Darkflight Hag37   vEnchanted LandsNo
A Fae Drake Myrmidon59-60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Lesser FaydarkNo
A Bracken Sprite36   ^Zek, the Orcish WastesNo
A Drakerfly10   v v vFrostfell Wonderland VillageNo
A Seelie Guest42-44   v   to   -The Tower of the DraflingNo
A Fayllian Jongleur50-51   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Sullian Fairy26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo
A Seamist Fairy31-32   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo