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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Whisperwind Mystic63-64   vThe Barren SkyNo
A Seedling Drake1   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald Halls: Sanctum of GrowthNo
The Witch Of The WoodGreater FaydarkNo
Ambassador Jalanderra11   -Oakmyst ForestYes
An Unseelie Portal Protector40   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
A Fayllian Kibitzer50-51   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
Queen ThayiliaNektulos ForestYes
A Fayllian Protector55-57   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Seamist Fairy31-32   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
A Wistful Wairy-fitch0--1   ^ ^ HeroicShard of Love: A Moment of ValorNo
A Fayllian Vicar55-57   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Seamist Sylph31-32   ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
A Razorwing Beguiler38   ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of T'haen: Endless TwilightNo
A Gloompall Windscratcher60   -Tenebrous TangleNo
Zig The Bloodletter38   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of T'haen: Endless TwilightYes
A Seedling Drake74   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald HallsNo
A Fayllian Evoker55-57   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Faerie Guardian11-12   v v vThe Peat BogNo
A Seamist Warden35   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsNo
An Asilian Vandal25-26   -Nektulos ForestNo
A Razorwing Beguiler48   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of T'Haen: VengeanceNo
A Fae Drake Invoker59-60   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Fae Drake Whelp54-56   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Fae Drake Warrior59-60   -The Lesser FaydarkNo
A Countess Of Pain38   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEnchanted LandsYes