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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Narez1   ^ ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo
Kaltuk Ironstein1   v v vPalace of FerzhulNo
Yutte RockswordGreat DivideNo
Grakus StonemalletQueen's ColonyNo
An Elite Shardhammer1   -Kunzar JungleNo
Seamus Rockpounder50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkNo
A Vigilant Gauntlet Defender10   ^Frostfang SeaNo
Seamus Rockpounder50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo
Tarn BoarbristleButcherblock MountainsNo
Captain Gunnhilde BluebeardGreat DivideNo
GarganGreat DivideNo
Dworn SoulforgeAntonicaNo
Bellin IcepikeThurgadin, City of the ColdainNo
Dustan The Southern Lord94   ^ ^ ^ HeroicHold of Rime: The AscentYes
Order Of Rime90   -Great DivideNo
Gruna DruglarTimorous DeepNo
Elder Historian MelnaThurgadin, City of the ColdainNo
Coldain Commander6   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Frozen TundraYes
Sergeant Morrim100   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Firemyst GullyYes
Kagin Oathsmasher50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo
Millety SnowblindThurgadin, City of the ColdainNo
Kilur BeardbackKylong PlainsNo
Mordred EverhotTradeskill InstanceNo
A Celebrating Dancer1   v v vThe Community LoungeNo
A Guard Mystic1   -Fight ClubNo