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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
S'mara MooreganNorth QeynosNo
Ardath BayGreater FaydarkNo
TimGuild HallYes
Kamilis ShrezilTradeskill InstanceNo
Trainer Ragnhild StonefistFrostfang SeaNo
Bran Icewind70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicFreethinker HideoutYes
A Spectator1   -The City of FreeportNo
Colin StoutfistScale YardNo
Mina O`GradyNorth QeynosNo
A Furious Barbarian1   ^East FreeportNo
Amund MacRaeNorth QeynosNo
Aspect Of CourageThe Hollow StumpNo
A Grime Covered Savage16-18   -AntonicaNo
A Dreadnaught Thug20   ^The CommonlandsNo
Tristan O'RilleyScale YardNo
Clan Chief Malachi SleetsaberBeggar's Court: Sweat-Stained CobblesNo
Villgerd GregorsonFrostfang SeaNo
Packhandler Jerit19   -Invasion of the ValeYes
A Sparring Dreadnaught50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicWest FreeportNo
Selyse BrazenrootThe City of FreeportNo
Graystone Courier DirvelGraystone YardNo
Lieutenant RhyslonThe City of FreeportNo
Hanne SleetsaberBeggar's Court: Sweat-Stained CobblesNo
The Great Galabo70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe GatheringNo
Bouncer McGattle1   v v vBar of BrellNo