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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Virulent Lasher20-21   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Drowned Caverns: Outer GrottoNo
A Blood Belly38   -The FeerrottNo
An Illusionary Gnawer60-61   ^The Mystic LakeNo
A Bloodthirsty Piranha58-59   ^The Pillars of FlameNo
A Sand Turtle45-46   v   to   -The Sinking SandsNo
A Kunzar Scaleripper74   vKunzar JungleNo
A Thresher Shark69-70   ^Loping PlainsNo
A Great White Ravager51-52   -The Sinking SandsNo
A Coldbreach Snapper7-8   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Carnivorous Ripper39-41   vRivervaleNo
An Ancient Goremaw16-17   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Giant Perch12   ^AntonicaYes
A Red Piranha Guardian45-48   v vThe Sinking SandsNo
A Cavern Shark1   -The Drowned Caverns: Arena of HeroesNo
A Large Saberfish15   -Frostfang SeaNo
Gulp34   ^ ^ HeroicThe Tombs of NightYes
A Ravenous Piranha24   -Edgewater DrainsNo
An Icebound Shell-cracker87-88   ^Great DivideNo
Undertow44   ^ ^ ^ HeroicEverfrostYes
An Othmir Fisherman1   -Eastern WastesNo
A Silt Shark54-57   ^The Pillars of FlameNo
A Shining Nibbler2-3   vNettlevilleNo
A Deep Spawn Troller68-69   -Loping PlainsNo
An Ancient Great White92   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreat DivideNo
A Rotting Sewerfin25   vEdgewater DrainsNo
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