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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Venomspill Froggor67-68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Mystic LakeNo
A Tidesylph Lamentor22-23   v v v   to   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
Yoharneth The Bloated70   ^Loping PlainsYes
A Sand Turtle45-46   v   to   -The Sinking SandsNo
A Sand Lurker15   ^AntonicaNo
An Aqua Goblin Wizard23   v v vButcherblock MountainsNo
A Hopper1   v v vEnchanted Fay GrottoNo
Right98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Kraytoc's Fortress of RimeYes
A Coldbreach Snapper7-8   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Ry'Gorr Ambusher4   v v v   to   v vFrostfang SeaNo
A Mist Grinnin Thrall46-47   v v vThe Crypt of T'Haen: VengeanceNo
Bashmouth7   ^The Peat BogYes
A Slime Covered Frog16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Slimy CaveNo
A Refuse Toad15-16   -The Serpent SewerNo
A Smoldering King Crab45-46   v   to   -LavastormNo
ShalryyaKylong PlainsNo
A Tidesylph Shriller23   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Frenzied Ry'Gorr14   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Ry'Gorr Invader14-15   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Ry'Gorr War Shaman15-16   v v   to   vFrostfang SeaNo
A Grinnin Dew Harvester34-35   ^Nektulos Mini 02No
A Ry'Gorr Shock Trooper15-16   -Frostfang SeaNo
An Irresistible Siren27-28   vThe Thundering SteppesNo
A Yha-lei Invader90-91   v   to   -Eastern WastesNo
A Mist Grinnin Sporechanter33   v   to   ^The Tombs of NightNo
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