Zone:The Sinking Sands
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Desert Of Ro, Humanoid, Mummy, Noblooded, Nocharm, Organic, Terrestrial
Grants AA

This guy was previously an Epic x2, level 55 mob. He is now level 60 and heroic. Recently, there are reports of Rahotep sometimes spawning as a 55 epic x2 still, so be prepared for the battle to go either way.

You need him for An Ancient Desert Power heritage quest.

He is a wave mob with 4 or 5 waves of 55 ^^^.

Killing each wave but the last, and rooting the last in order for your raid to regen is the easiest way to go.

Rahotep will try to regen to 100% health when he reaches 75% and 50%, so make sure to silence/stun/root him when he nears these health numbers.

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