an arctic cliffstrider  

Zone:Great Divide
Possible Classes:Bruiser
Classifications:Earth Elemental, Elemental, Inorganic, Living, Noblooded, Non-humanoid, Terrestrial

The clifstriders fight similar to the living glaciers. When it reaches 50% health it will split into two weaker halves (each with full health). Neither half will "die" until both are beaten so be sure to switch targets! They are grouped so feel free to unleash any encounter-based AoE skills you have (green background).

If the original mob is level 90, the halves will be 90v. Just keep switching targets until it is all dead.

When a split occurs, any DOTs or debuffs that were on the "parent" will still be on both "children".

Categories: EverQuest II | EQ2 Mobs
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