Grabby Gigglegibber  

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Purpose:Treat Trader
Classifications:Goblin, Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

Grabby Gigglegibber in Neriak
Grabby Gigglegibber in Neriak
"So much treats you carry! I be trading all them for my candy corns. Yucksy corn."

This NPC will take your various Nights of the Dead treats (excluding Candy Corn) and exchange them into the Candy Corn. He can be found in areas as follows:

  • Darklight Wood: In Hate's Envy at -411,-63,229
  • Freeport: Outside the tradeskill building in West Freeport at 34,-18,98
  • Gorowyn: In Timorous Deep at 2732, 124, 1177
  • Haven: In the northwest part of Haven at 56,-32,-176
  • Kelethin: In Greater Faydark at 466,93,308
  • Maj'Dul: In The Golden Scepter at 76,148,-149
  • Neriak: In Dockside Markets at -172,-5,258
  • New Halas: In Frostfang Sea at -339,176,-50
  • Qeynos: Outside the tradeskill building on North Qeynos at 330,-23,-115

Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2010)

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