Kultak the Cruel  

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Zone:Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Ykesha's Elite
Classifications:Humanoid, Living, Nocharm, Nodrag, Nomemwipe, Organic, Terrestrial, Troll, Warmblooded
Grants AA

Kultak looks pretty mean and well he is. I have to say this fight really makes me thankful we have the best healing team on the server. The curing on this fight is brutal. Add control is tough but achievable, Tanking Kultak is meh not to difficult, there is one significant joust but what wins this fight is having healers that are on their game.

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Known Info

Kultak has quite a few effects he tosses out but only a few matter and those are listed below. The mechanics of this fight are pretty cut and dry split tank Kultak from his adds of which there are four. Joust Frenzied slice and cure the nasty raid killing curse.

Melee Abilities

  • 95% Slashing
  • 5% Disease

Healing Abilities

  • 90% Consume Soul
  • 10% Deathly Touch

Non Melee Abilities

  • Kultak's Order (33 second timer)
    • Damage Type: Crushing
Nasty curse that hit for 4 ticks for about 600 - 900 damage, this must be cured or on termination it will inflict 880% of max damage to all targets in the area of effect. This is the whole fight pretty much mis this cure and game over.

Kultak's Cruelty
  • Kultak's Cruelty (this is what happens if you do not cure the above curse)
    • Damage Type: YOUR DEAD!
Inflicts 880% of max damage to all targets in the area of effect.

  • Deathly Touch (35 second timer)
    • Damage Type: Disease
This is where high critical mitigation and high resistances will save your bacon. This effect hits for massive amounts of damage to the tune of 31k - 57k but it is greatly reduced with high disease resist and about 25 30% crit mit. Even then you may want anti-death for insurance.

Frenzied Slice
  • Frenzied Slice (42 second timer)
    • Damage Type: Slashing
This is an AE proximity scaled effect that can be healed though if you raid jousts beyond 15 meters from Kultak. The joust point is shown in the diagram below.

None Needed

Strategy Overview

The Kultak fight begins with the MT charging in and tanking Kultak right where he stands. We use two off tanks to tank the adds back a way from Kultak on the ramp. One is the primary AE tank and the other acts as the runner, grabbing adds that mem wipe off to most time the MT groups healers. DPS is focused on the adds until they are down, then all damage is focused on Kultak. During the course of the fight there is one Curse that can hit multiple targets and must be cured or on termination it distructors the raid force. The details on how to manage this are in the healer strategy below. There is one AE that must be joused and healed though that is timed and easy to call and survive though. The last item to account for is deathly touch which can be mitgated with good crit mit, high mit, and anti deaths. Kultak hits like a truck but if it were not for the curse this fight would almost be a candidate for the "Ye Ode Tank and Spank strategy"

Heal Strategy

Tank Strategy

DPS Strategy

Special Team Strategy

Encounter Diagram

Encounter Video

Raid Groups

Group Setups
Main Tank Support Tank Melee DPS Caster DPS
Berserker Shadow Knight Guardian Ranger
Dirge Dirge Dirge Troubador
Coercer Coercer Illusionist Illusionist
Warden Assassin Brigand Swashbuckler
Defiler Mystic Bruiser Warlock
Templar Templar Inquisitor Inquisitor
NOTE: All strategies are written up with the group setups used to beat these encounters at the time and while the specific classes used are not required the general roles that they fill are.


ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

Other Resources: EQ2i LootDB Human-Readable Link: http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/EQ2_Mob:Kultak_the_Cruel

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