The Leviathan  

Zone:The Chamber of Destiny
Possible Classes:Defiler
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Biped, Nodrag, Organic, Terrestrial
Grants AA
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The gatekeeper of Veeshan's Peak. You cannot enter VP until you have personally killed Leviathan. Only one person on the raid who has killed Venril Sathir or Overking must be present to zone a raid into the Chamber of Destiny.

To kill the Leviathan, you need 3 items:

  • Greenmist Orb (purple X)
    • Drops from Imzok's Revenge, the boss of Protector's Realm.
    • At 20%, Leviathan will emote and become stoneskinned. One party member holding this item will run to the North end of the cave and click the Statue when the green message appears at the top of the screen.
    • NOTE: This item can be cast while running towards the Statue and it will continue to cast even after you die.
    • NOTE: If this Statue is not finished casting by the time Leviathan reaches 1% health, Leviathan will AoE and wipe the entire raid. So watch (but do not stop) your raidwide DPS.
  • Fishmen Scales
    • This is a fish costume that, when worn, will encourage Leviathan to eat you. There are 8 stacks of 5 suits (40 total) to be obtained in this zone by killing the fish men (Yha-lei). These suits are LORE NO-TRADE, so the raid leader or designated looter should give the suits out to the players with the highest Spell Crit and casting speed.
    • NOTE: These suits have double duty, as you will first use them to go inside Leviathan and kill the mobs which drop Volatile Fluids, then you will use the suits to go inside and drop Volatile Fluids to do massive damage to the Leviathan.
    • NOTE: Loot options should be set to Free For All so players can quickly pick up any Volatile Fluids from mobs they kill.
    • NOTE: It takes over a minute for Leviathan to eat the first person.
    • NOTE: If nobody has on a suit when he is ready to eat someone, he will AoE the raid.
    • NOTE: The bodies of the dead Yha-lei can be left up during the Leviathan fight, and players can grab suits as they run out.
    • NOTE: As players run out of suits, you can also trade Volatile Fluids to other players who still have suits. Both of you need to disable Autoattack to allow the trade window to appear.
    • NOTE: Once you've used up all 40 (8 x 5 charges) suits, it's time to call it quits and come back 48 hours later when those trash mobs respawn.
  • Volatile Fluid
    • 99% of your raid's damage to Leviathan will come from players dropping Volatile Fluids inside of Leviathan. This means it will be a very boring fight for everyone else who will not be going inside. You will be curing your own Noxious effects with potions, and keeping up Melee or Ranged Autoattack the entire fight (including healers and mages).
    • If you have been selected as one of those who will be going inside Leviathan, your job to kill the trash mobs (they look like sperms) and collect as many Volatile Fluid as you can before you are ejected.
    • The average raid force will beed 50-60 fluids to kill Leviathan. Your raid force may choose to gather all the fluids, and then kill Leviathan, or you may alternate collecting, and then using fluids. Each Volatile Fluid that is dropped damages Leviathan by 3-4%.
    • NOTE: Any kind of Time Compression, Jester's Cap, and other haste including Warlock Focused Casting should be put on these players. Ideally, Brigands should Dispatch just before volatile fluids are used. You will only be inside Leviathan for approximately 10 seconds.
    • NOTE: The volatile fluids from Halls of Fate will not work here.

Keys to the Fight

  • Everyone will be curing their own Noxious.
  • Remove Leviathan's spell reflect “Reflective Aura” frequently, and don't cast any spells or debuffs while it is up or they will reflect on the caster or the raid (if AoE).
  • Setup a rotation of Scouts and Mages putting on suits and going inside Leviathan. Adjust the rotation depending on the number of suits, and distribute volatile fluids to party members as needed. Most folks will only be able to drop 3-4 fluids while inside of Leviathan.
  • Prevent Leviathan from Healing. Everyone should run to the center of the swimming pool (you will physically be inside Leviathan) and keep up Melee or Ranged Autoattack at all times. If you fail to autoattack, you will allow Leviathan to heal himself. Shamans should turn off their water breathing buff (which causes you to sink to the bottom). The pool that contains Leviathan is sludge and not water, so you will drown if you sink to the bottom.
  • Don't die! You will heal Leviathan 2-3%.
  • At 20% or so, you will see an emote about the Greenmist Orb being activated. One of your players who has the Greenmist Orb will run over to the Statue at the North end of the cave and click the statue AS SOON AS YOU CAN REACH IT. You can click it while running. If you successfully click it before you die, it will complete casting and allow Leviathan to be killed.
  • Kill Leviathan within 15 minutes, otherwise he AoE's the zone, killing everyone inside.

Further Notes

Generally speaking, your mages will not be able to do any DPS on the Leviathan fight due to how often the Reflective Aura spell reflect is up. However if you want to try, you can establish a rotation of Crusaders (Paladin/Shadowknight), Brigands (taunt), INT-specced Shamans (Defiler/Mystic), and STA-specced Druids (Warden/Fury) to try to keep this effect off of Leviathan.

Each time someone successfully removes Reflective Aura, call out in voice chat “DEBUFFED” and then everyone can go crazy with debuffs for 3-4 seconds.

If Wizards feel confident in their Heat and Cold resists, they may use single-target spells on Leviathan even with the Reflect up and they will (hopefully) mitigate the reflected damage.

If mages are dying to the trash mobs inside Leviathan's belly, then a fighter/scout can be sent in first to kill them and drop fluids to “clear a space” for the next mage.

Congratulations, you now have access to Veeshan's Peak.

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