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Zone:Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory
Possible Classes:Warlock
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Biped, Hoverer, Lich, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nodrag, Nomemwipe, Organic, Undead
Grants AA

When you enter the room, Perah'Celsis stands at the back, in front of a huge Barny in a tub of water. In front of him are four tables, each table containing one of Perah'Celsis's "aquisitions".

Before you fight Perah'Celsis, you have to fight two of these "aquisitions". You select which one you want to fight by clicking on the magic rune in front of the respective table.

Each of these four "aquisitions" has a special ability which, after you've killed it, gets transferred to Perah'Celsis.

Killing the drolvarg gives Perah'Celsis the ability to cast trauma. Killing the ravasect gives Perah'Celsis the ability to draw life. Killing the orc gives Perah'Celsis an unknown ability (possibly a curse spell) Killinch the lich gives Perah'Celsis an unknown ability (possibly a high damage spell).

As soon as you've killed the second "aquisition" that you chose, you have only a few short seconds before Perah'Celsis, as well as the two remaining "aquisitions" charge you.

Once you've made short work of Perah'Celsis and his posse, the wall in the front of the room (where you came in) opens up, providing a shortcut back to the start of the zone.

Killing Perah'Celsis for the first time grants the achievement "The Doctor Is In".

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