a Thulian frightfiend  

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Zone:The Temple of Cazic-Thule
Possible Classes:Berserker
Level:48 - 49
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Amygdalan, Coldblooded, Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Thulian Puzzle Box 0Item10%
amygdalan hard candy 0Item5%
Secured Box 0Item5%
fulginate brigandine leggings 43Armor3.4676%
Advanced Adornments Volume 5 0Recipe Book1.3333%
large polished bone 0Item1%
flask of fresh water 0Item1%
small bag of diatomaceous earth 0Item1%
Blueprint: Gnomish Luclin Boots 0Recipe Book0.6667%
ebon chainmail bracers 44Armor0.5779%
"The Pirate Queen and the Heart" 0Item0.5556%
"How to Serve Mortals - Flowing Thoughts" 0Item0.5556%
"The Amygamalion - The Four That Are We" 0Item0.5556%
"The Amygamalion - The Dulling" 0Item0.5556%
"The Pirate Queen and the Temple" 0Item0.5556%
"The Pirate Queen and the Seafury Buccaneers" 0Item0.5556%
"The Pirate Queen and the Map" 0Item0.5556%
"How to Serve Mortals - Slow Thoughts" 0Item0.5556%
"The Pirate Queen and the Nightmare Creature" 0Item0.5556%
Ruby Scrying Stone 0Item0.4138%
Beeswax Sealed Document 0Item0.4138%
Ebon Relic 0Item0.4138%
Ruby Amulet 0Item0.4138%
seared cog 0Item0.1429%
ancient gold coin 0Item0.1429%
Statuette of Satrinah 0Item0.1429%
battle worn trinket 0Item0.1429%
golden emblem 0Item0.1429%
ancient note of runes 0Item0.1429%
exquisite burnt silk sash 0Item0.1429%
Shadow Slip III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.045%
Disheartening Descant III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.045%
Pledge of Armament III (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.045%
Lifetap III (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Nature's Salve VI (Adept) 43Spell Scroll0.0225%
Silent Threat V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Undergrowth (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Surge of Ro II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Winds of Permafrost II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Murderous Rake III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Devastation Fist II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Bum Rush IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sneak Attack IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shenanigans III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Netherous Bind IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Crusade III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mock V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Archer's Fury III (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sinister Countenance III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Fae Fire II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Concussion III (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Obliterated Psyche III (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Starnova II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Converge III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Crippling Arrow III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Divine Smite V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Vine Net V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Five Rings III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Boon of the Damned III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Arcane Symphony III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Misfortune's Kiss V (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Vehemence III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Fanatical Healing V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mend V (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Masked Strike IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Protoflame (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Befuddle III (Adept) 44Spell Scroll0.0225%
Whirling Blades III (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Netherlord (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Destructive Rage III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Healing Fate III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Roaring Flames II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Dawnstrike V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Abhorrent Seal (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Cunning Defense III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shanghai V (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Survival Instincts III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Dashing Swathe III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Roundhouse Kick IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Meteor Fist IV (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Runic Armor IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Plant II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Aura of Void II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Nightshade II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mana Trickle II (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mind's Eye (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Devious Evasion III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Knee Break IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Wrath Stance IV (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Bloodcoil V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Tendrils of Horror II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shank II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Tormenting Conversion (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Involuntary Gift II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Nature's Elixir V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Unholy Covenant IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Fancy Footwork III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Assault IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Hyran's Seething Sonata II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Dancing Blade IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Intimidation IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Kidney Stab IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Miracle Shot II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Fiery Magician III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Everburning Flame II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Deteriorate IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Blackguard III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Natural Selection III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Synergism II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Crescent Strike IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Insidious Whisper V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Cannibalize Thoughts II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Makeshift Arrows III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Peaceful Link II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Iceshield III (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Inquest (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Chaos Anthem II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Master's Intervention (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Litany II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Velium Winds V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Unholy Strength III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Massacre III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Smoldering Fists IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Ignore Pain V (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Solar Flare VI (Adept) 43Spell Scroll0.0225%
Regenerating Spores II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shroud of Armor IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Rob V (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shroud of Bertoxxulous III (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Battle Tactics III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Charm V (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Frigid Gift II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Slurred Insult V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Avoid Blame III (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Repentance III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Gut Kick IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Swarthy Deception III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Clarion V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Stunning Roar II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Absolute Corruption II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Gift of Bertoxxulous II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Noxious Symphony III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mana Intromission II (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Provoke V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Nature's Embrace V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Rapidity III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Wrath of the Ancients II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Acid V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Spurious Bravado II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Forest Spirit III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Night Strike V (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sucker Punch II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Glory (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Flow Like Wind IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Aery Hunter II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Death Cloud IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Lethargy II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sacred Armor IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Fiery Annihilation V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Amends III (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Beatdown IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sign of Pacification IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Emberstrike V (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Forced Obedience III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Glacial Wind III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Armor of Seasons IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Head Crush III (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Paralyzing Strike II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Berserk Rage V (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Incinerate V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Maddening Swarm (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Soulrend IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Aspect of Darkness IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Dark Blade IV (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Aspect of Genius IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Harm Touch III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Favor of the Wild III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Song of Magic IV (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Peerless Predator III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Abomination IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Root IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Resolute Faith III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Absolution III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mortal Embrace III (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Unyielding Benediction (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Lunar Attendant (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Armor of Nature IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Invocation V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Ritual Healing V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Quicksand IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Noxious Efflux III (Adept) 44Spell Scroll0.0225%
Brainburst V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Evade IV (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Restoration V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Savage Ruin III (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
One Hundred Hand Punch III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Act of War II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Power of Mind IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shrug Off III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Blaze of Faith II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Grim Sorcerer III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Mark of Divinity III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Elemental Aspect IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Lockdown IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Chilling Claws III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sacrificial Restoration V (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Dismay III (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Shackle IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Revivication (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Lanet's Excruciating Scream III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Deny IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Holy Armor IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sacrifice II (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Chains of Torment IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Tranquil Vision III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Theorems II (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Manatap II (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Graceful Avoidance III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Roundhouse IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Personae Reflection V (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Penitent Kick IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Daro's Dull Blade IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Warden of the Forest III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Ursine Avatar III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Bloodbath IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Velocity III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Epiphany III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sentinel III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Brainshock V (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Frozen Palm IV (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Jael's Mysterious Mettle III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Spinechiller Blood VI (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Death Mark III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Reckless Aide III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Sandstorm (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Invective (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Spirit of the Mammoth III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Flameshield III (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Holy Circle IV (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Forced Hesitation IV (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Awaken Grave II (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Ambush V (Adept) 49Spell Scroll0.0225%
Storm of Lightning IV (Adept) 50Spell Scroll0.0225%
Songster's Luck IV (Adept) 45Spell Scroll0.0225%
Never Surrender III (Adept) 46Spell Scroll0.0225%
Ancestral Avatar (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Jugular Slice III (Adept) 48Spell Scroll0.0225%
Breeze III (Adept) 47Spell Scroll0.0225%
Pledge of Armament III (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0089%
Shadow Slip III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0089%
Disheartening Descant III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0089%
Sharlian Maul 40Weapon0.0045%
Flow Like Wind IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Roaring Flames II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Ancestral Avatar (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Emberstrike V (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Tormenting Conversion (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Arcane Symphony III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Revivication (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Maddening Swarm (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Swarthy Deception III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Noxious Symphony III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Deny IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Savage Ruin III (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Act of War II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Root IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Gift of Bertoxxulous II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Lockdown IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Master's Intervention (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Dashing Swathe III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Fiery Annihilation V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shenanigans III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Velocity III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shanghai V (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Boon of the Damned III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Everburning Flame II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Inquest (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Grim Sorcerer III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Warden of the Forest III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sandstorm (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Bloodbath IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Chilling Claws III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Forced Obedience III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mana Trickle II (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Rapidity III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shank II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Armor of Nature IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sucker Punch II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Regenerating Spores II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Miracle Shot II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Destructive Rage III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Spinechiller Blood VI (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Unholy Strength III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Theorems II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Amends III (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Archer's Fury III (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Silent Threat V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Survival Instincts III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sacred Armor IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Healing Fate III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Chains of Torment IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Absolution III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Litany II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Divine Smite V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Slurred Insult V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Smoldering Fists IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Netherlord (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Cunning Defense III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Chaos Anthem II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Nature's Elixir V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Berserk Rage V (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Massacre III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Nightshade II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Involuntary Gift II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Restoration V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Kidney Stab IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shackle IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Bum Rush IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Cannibalize Thoughts II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mortal Embrace III (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Rob V (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Lanet's Excruciating Scream III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Fae Fire II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sneak Attack IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Ambush V (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Whirling Blades III (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Acid V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Dark Blade IV (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mark of Divinity III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Charm V (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Avoid Blame III (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Evade IV (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Brainshock V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Misfortune's Kiss V (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Unholy Covenant IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Devious Evasion III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Death Cloud IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Ignore Pain V (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Forced Hesitation IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Crippling Arrow III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Armor of Seasons IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Converge III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sentinel III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Lifetap III (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
Flameshield III (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
One Hundred Hand Punch III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sacrifice II (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Absolute Corruption II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Insidious Whisper V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Makeshift Arrows III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Tendrils of Horror II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Penitent Kick IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Devastation Fist II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Lethargy II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Frozen Palm IV (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Vine Net V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Songster's Luck IV (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Brainburst V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shroud of Armor IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sinister Countenance III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Fancy Footwork III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mind's Eye (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Fanatical Healing V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Glory (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Blaze of Faith II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sacrificial Restoration V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Sign of Pacification IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Masked Strike IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Reckless Aide III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shroud of Bertoxxulous III (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mana Intromission II (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Battle Tactics III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Bria's Entrancing Sonnet III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Epiphany III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Abomination IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Aspect of Genius IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Gut Kick IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Paralyzing Strike II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Graceful Avoidance III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Frigid Gift II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Obliterated Psyche III (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
Assault IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Elemental Aspect IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Breeze III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Shrug Off III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Power of Mind IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Provoke V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Forest Spirit III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Aura of Void II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Karana's Hold IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Roundhouse IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Death Mark III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Surge of Ro II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Plant II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Crusade III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Synergism II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Invective (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Starnova II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Runic Armor IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Abhorrent Seal (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Spirit of the Mammoth III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Undergrowth (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Invocation V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Song of Magic IV (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Deteriorate IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Meteor Fist IV (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Wrath Stance IV (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Ritual Healing V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Knee Break IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Netherous Bind IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Never Surrender III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Incinerate V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Quicksand IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Blackguard III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mock V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Intimidation IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Crescent Strike IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Lunar Attendant (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Hyran's Seething Sonata II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Glacial Wind III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Natural Selection III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Spurious Bravado II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Dismay III (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
Clarion V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Ursine Avatar III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Peaceful Link II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Aery Hunter II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Five Rings III (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Murderous Rake III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Holy Armor IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Iceshield III (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
Tranquil Vision III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Mend V (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Soulrend IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Awaken Grave II (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Befuddle III (Master) 44Spell Scroll0.0045%
Concussion III (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Holy Circle IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Nature's Embrace V (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Stunning Roar II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Resolute Faith III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Chains of Torment IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Personae Reflection V (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Winds of Permafrost II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Aspect of Darkness IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Bloodcoil V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Favor of the Wild III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Jugular Slice III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Manatap II (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Vehemence III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Storm of Lightning IV (Master) 50Spell Scroll0.0045%
Protoflame (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Noxious Efflux III (Master) 44Spell Scroll0.0045%
Jael's Mysterious Mettle III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Beatdown IV (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Fiery Magician III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Dawnstrike V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Solar Flare VI (Master) 43Spell Scroll0.0045%
Velium Winds V (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Night Strike V (Master) 49Spell Scroll0.0045%
Roundhouse Kick IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Head Crush III (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%
Wrath of the Ancients II (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Dancing Blade IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Daro's Dull Blade IV (Master) 47Spell Scroll0.0045%
Harm Touch III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Nature's Salve VI (Master) 43Spell Scroll0.0045%
Repentance III (Master) 46Spell Scroll0.0045%
Peerless Predator III (Master) 48Spell Scroll0.0045%
Unyielding Benediction (Master) 45Spell Scroll0.0045%