Aglaemantis the Coldwind Terror  

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Possible Classes:Monk
Classifications:Aquatic, Cephalopod, Coldblooded, Living, Nocharm, Octopus, Organic, Shattered Lands
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Scrapper's Gi 10Armor28.5714%
Advancer's Chain Tunic 10Armor28.5714%
Exemplar's Plate Cuirass 10Armor28.5714%
Tender's Tunic 10Armor28.5714%
Soldier's Breastplate 10Armor28.5714%
Arcanist's Robe 10Armor28.5714%
Elder's Hauberk 10Armor28.5714%
ink sack 0Item25%
Timorous Medium's Shroud 10Accessory5%
Timorous Healer's Shroud 10Accessory5%
Timorous Stalker's Shroud 10Accessory5%
Timorous Defender's Shroud 10Accessory5%
A Foul Wind 0Item2.500%
Rescue (Adept) 25Spell Scroll2.0388%
a poison gland 0Item2%
steel cluster 0Item1.4286%
malleable loam 0Item1.4286%
cuirboilli leather pelt 0Item1.4286%
severed fir 0Item1.4286%
palladium cluster 0Item1.4286%
rough jasper 0Item1.4286%
dandelion fiber 0Item1.4286%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0724 0Item1.250%
Meteor Chunk 0Item1.200%
Holy Aid II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.7865%
Autumn's Kiss II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.6796%
Bria's Inspiring Ballad II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.6796%
Feign Death II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.6796%
Daring Advance II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.6796%
Stalk II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.6796%
Rebuke III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Torture II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Crippling Arrow (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Mesmerize III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Warden of the Forest (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Velocity (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Grasp of Bertoxxulous II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3933%
Fire Seed (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Harm Touch (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Alin's Serene Serenade (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Bloodbath II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Blood Rage (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ursine Avatar (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Hangman's Noose II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Caltrops II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ice Storm III (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Holy Circle II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Grim Sorcerer (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Glacial Flames (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Trick Shot (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Sentinel (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ambush III (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dark Pyre II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dissolve IV (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Crystal Blast IV (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Taunting Blow III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Haze III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Forced Obedience (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Warring Deities (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Noxious Symphony (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Calm Tranquility II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Distortion (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Blessing of the Paladin (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Intercept II (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Lifetap (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Rush IV (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Crescent Strike II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Focus Aim (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Tease (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Frostbite (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Solar Flare IV (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Elemental Aspect II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Shout II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Earthen Avatar III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
War Cry (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Thornskin III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Makeshift Arrows (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Aneurysm II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3933%
Resolute Faith (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Devious Evasion (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Healing Fate (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Blighted Horde (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Deny II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Arcane Symphony (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Night Strike III (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Jugular Slice (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Amends (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Glacial Lance IV (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Verlien's Keen of Despair II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ego Shock II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3933%
Antagonize II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3933%
Eviscerate II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Karana's Hold II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Beatdown II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Thorncoat III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Obliterated Psyche (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Purifying Flames (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Aria of Magic (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ensnare II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Aspect of Genius II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Death Mark (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Aspect of Darkness II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Rob III (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Flow Like Wind II (Adept) 16Spell Scroll0.3933%
Sinister Countenance (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Murderous Rake (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Striking Cobra II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Abomination II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Tempest III (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3933%
Peerless Predator (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Raging Blow III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Power of Mind II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Fuliginous Whip (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Moderate (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Immolation II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Storm of Lightning II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Hamstring (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Charm III (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Mortal Blade (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Root II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Swarthy Deception (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Slam (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Fortify Elements II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Mend III (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dismay (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Pandemic III (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Shanghai III (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Smoldering Fists II (Adept) 16Spell Scroll0.3933%
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Bloodlust II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Mortal Embrace (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Bria's Entrancing Sonnet (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Death Cloud II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Call of Shielding (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Black Jack (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dashing Swathe (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Innoruuk's Caress III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Absolution (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Grim Harbinger II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Flameshield (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Call to Arms (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ministration IV (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Personae Reflection III (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Quick Swipe IV (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Phantasmal Awe (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Vexing Verses II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Chromatic Storm II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Brutality II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Blessed Weapon II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Undead Knight III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Righteousness II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Hostage (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Viscerate III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ranger's Blade II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dark Siphoning (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Fiery Magician (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Merciless Stomp II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Cuss (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Lay on Hands (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Intimidate (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Emberstrike III (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Abuse II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Berserk Rage III (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Sign of Pacification II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Assault II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Divine Inspiration II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Tarven's Crippling Crescendo II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Blasphemy II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Misfortune's Kiss III (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Shenanigans (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Condemn III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Lanet's Excruciating Scream (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Manhandle (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Glacial Wind (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Rising Dragon (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ball of Fire (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ignore Pain III (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Harl's Rousing Tune III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Simple Minds II (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dead Calm (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Putrefy III (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3933%
Intimidation II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Thunderbolt (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Ultraviolet Beam IV (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Snipe II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Iceshield (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Shroud of Bertoxxulous (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Mug II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Enrage II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Entrance III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Depressing Chant II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Double-Cross II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Rapidity (Adept) 20Spell Scroll0.3933%
Unholy Covenant II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Unholy Hunger II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Shadow Coil (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Dark Nebula II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Never Surrender (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Challenge II (Adept) 22Spell Scroll0.3933%
Reckless Aide (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Holdup II (Adept) 23Spell Scroll0.3933%
Atrophy III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Photosynthesis III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3933%
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Backstab III (Adept) 24Spell Scroll0.3933%
Deteriorate II (Adept) 21Spell Scroll0.3933%
Grave Sacrament (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Harmony II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Regrowth III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Hateful Slam II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ancient Shroud III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Immobilizing Lunge II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Unholy Blessing II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Lightning Strike IV (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Healstorm II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Mortality Mark (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Demonstration of Faith II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Faith Strike III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Waking Dragon III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Feast (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Rune of Thought II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Nature's Salve V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bob and Weave II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Battery and Assault III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ultraviolet Beam V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Terror Chant II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Grisly Protection II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Virtue (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ancient Wrath II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Blaze Kick II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Brambles II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Fanatic's Faith II (Adept) 30Spell Scroll0.3398%
Devour Vitae (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Repentance II (Adept) 32Spell Scroll0.3398%
Aggressive Defense III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Geotic Rune II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Howl of Death (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Instinct (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Quick Strike IV (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Vine Net III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Willow Wisp II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Wall of Rage II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Primal Reflexes II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Overpower III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Beg for Mercy (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Painful Lamentations II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Flurry of Blades (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Malice III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Gushing Wound III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Dark Pact II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Hunter's Instinct II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Lucky Gambit III (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Icefall III (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Vacuum Field III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Hidden Shot (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Shattered Earth (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bloody Reminder II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Malevolent Diatribe II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Magma Chamber III (Adept) 30Spell Scroll0.3398%
Encase II (Adept) 30Spell Scroll0.3398%
Impale II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Body Like Mountain (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ministration V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Siphon Strike II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Savage Ruin (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Spinechiller Blood IV (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Disarming Grin (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Winds of Healing II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Paranoia III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Perfect Shrill III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Barroom Negotiation II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Transcendence II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Rupture III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Body Check III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Holy Strike (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Flash of Steel IV (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Villainy II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Stealth Assault (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Curse of Darkness (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Heretic's Doom (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Meliorate V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Mutilate II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bash III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Dragon Rage (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Snap of the Wrist II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Flash of Brilliance (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Sandra's Deafening Strike IV (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Head Shot (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Maul II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Shoulder Charge II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Aurora (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Vengeance (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Disorientation II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Wild Accretion II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Pummel III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Holy Intercession II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Unending Agony II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Extract Mana II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Vital Intercession III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Umbral Warding II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Shift Mana II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Curse of Void (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Asylum II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Charging Tiger II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Entangle (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Pure Awe (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Word of Redemption II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Daelis' Dance of Blades II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Prophetic Ward (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Rising Phoenix II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Darksong Blade II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ward of the Untamed (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Divine Vengeance II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Rejuvenation V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Will of the Heavens II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Berserker Onslaught (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Lightning Palm II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Imprecate IV (Adept) 31Spell Scroll0.3398%
Heal Servant III (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Murderous Design II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Inner Calm II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Indomitable Will II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Tap Essence (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Speechless II (Adept) 30Spell Scroll0.3398%
Spine Shot II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Power Cleave II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Soulrot V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Cataclysm III (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Thuri's Doleful Thrust IV (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Hunker Down II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Precise Strike (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Dire Balm V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ro's Blade II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Cleave Flesh II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Heroic Dash II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Garsin's Funeral March (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Hold the Line III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Street Smarts II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Defensive Haven II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Howl of the Damned II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Iron Will (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Thunderous Overture (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Plague III (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Spirits II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Teachings of the Underworld II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Hemorrhage V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Essence Shift II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Medusa Gaze III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bloody Ritual II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Controlled Rage (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Painbringer III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Triple Shot (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Crystal Blast V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Necrotic Reconstruction III (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Shield of Faith (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Puncture IV (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Primal Fury (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Devout Sacrament (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Crystallize Soul (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Conjuror's Pact II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Allegretto II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Chilling Claws (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ancestral Ward III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Riana's Relentless Tune II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Echoes of the Ancients (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Divine Strike III (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Razor Edge II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Signet of Intellect II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Sylvan Bloom V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Luda's Nefarious Wail III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Sever II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Untamed Regeneration II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Rear Shot III (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Torment III (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Harvest Mana (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Tyrant's Pact II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Chaos II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Eye Gouge (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Gouge II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Death's Door II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Destructive Mind (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Void Contract II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Judgment III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Prismatic Chaos (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Penance III (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ceremonial Blade II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Solar Flare V (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bane of Warding (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Firestorm II (Adept) 28Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ice Spears III (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bladeweaver II (Adept) 27Spell Scroll0.3398%
Ruin II (Adept) 25Spell Scroll0.3398%
Bruising Spirit (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Battle Cry II (Adept) 26Spell Scroll0.3398%
Lightning Fists II (Adept) 29Spell Scroll0.3398%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0221 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0351 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0243 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0229 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0437 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0244 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT037 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0424 0Item0.250%
Far Seas Trading Requisition ANT0235 0Item0.250%
Rescue (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0583%
Daring Advance II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0194%
Autumn's Kiss II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0194%
Feign Death II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0194%
Stalk II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0194%
Bria's Inspiring Ballad II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0194%
Crippling Arrow (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Hostage (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Absolution (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Pandemic III (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Aspect of Darkness II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Abuse II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Innoruuk's Caress III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Root II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Caltrops II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Never Surrender (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Condemn III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Bloodlust II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Harl's Rousing Tune III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Earthen Avatar III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Merciless Stomp II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Fire Seed (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Tempest III (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0113%
Flameshield (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Rising Dragon (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dissolve IV (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Thunderbolt (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Abomination II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Haze III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Aspect of Genius II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Righteousness II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Divine Inspiration II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Fuliginous Whip (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ultraviolet Beam IV (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Hangman's Noose II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ego Shock II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dead Calm (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Brutality II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Deny II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Night Strike III (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Warring Deities (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ministration IV (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Berserk Rage III (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Rob III (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Simple Minds II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Distortion (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Viscerate III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Intercept II (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Enrage II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Intimidate (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Holy Circle II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Personae Reflection III (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Chromatic Storm II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Sentinel (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Atrophy III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Storm of Lightning II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Reckless Aide (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Thorncoat III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Glacial Lance IV (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Mortal Blade (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Blighted Horde (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Flow Like Wind II (Master) 16Spell Scroll0.0113%
Death Cloud II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Karana's Hold II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Cuss (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Moderate (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dark Nebula II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Vexing Verses II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Tease (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
War Cry (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Entrance III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Jugular Slice (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Bloodbath II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dismay (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ensnare II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Undead Knight III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Crystal Blast IV (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Tarven's Crippling Crescendo II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Forced Obedience (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Fiery Magician (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Bria's Entrancing Sonnet (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Eviscerate II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Phantasmal Awe (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Blasphemy II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Unholy Hunger II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Manhandle (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Slam (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ambush III (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Shroud of Bertoxxulous (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Lifetap (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Quick Swipe IV (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Mug II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Sign of Pacification II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Rebuke III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Emberstrike III (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Power of Mind II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Thornskin III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Elemental Aspect II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Solar Flare IV (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Misfortune's Kiss III (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Shout II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Beatdown II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Swarthy Deception (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Death Mark (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Blessed Weapon II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Torture II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Raging Blow III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Antagonize II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0113%
Double-Cross II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Alin's Serene Serenade (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Devious Evasion (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Holdup II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Trick Shot (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Focus Aim (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Velocity (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Noxious Symphony (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Assault II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Lay on Hands (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dark Siphoning (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Grim Sorcerer (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Resolute Faith (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ball of Fire (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Smoldering Fists II (Master) 16Spell Scroll0.0113%
Mortal Embrace (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Peerless Predator (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ursine Avatar (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Striking Cobra II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Rush IV (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Putrefy III (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0113%
Mesmerize III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Shenanigans (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Makeshift Arrows (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Glacial Flames (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Mend III (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Warden of the Forest (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Blood Rage (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Unholy Covenant II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Deteriorate II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Arcane Symphony (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Crescent Strike II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Calm Tranquility II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dark Pyre II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Call to Arms (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Verlien's Keen of Despair II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Iceshield (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Intimidation II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ice Storm III (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ranger's Blade II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Blessing of the Paladin (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Glacial Wind (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Shanghai III (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Depressing Chant II (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Dashing Swathe (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Photosynthesis III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0113%
Ignore Pain III (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Sinister Countenance (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Immolation II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Fortify Elements II (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Healing Fate (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Obliterated Psyche (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Challenge II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Frostbite (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Holy Aid II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Lanet's Excruciating Scream (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Purifying Flames (Master) 23Spell Scroll0.0113%
Call of Shielding (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Grasp of Bertoxxulous II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0113%
Aneurysm II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0113%
Murderous Rake (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Harm Touch (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Aria of Magic (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Snipe II (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Backstab III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Hamstring (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Taunting Blow III (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Grim Harbinger II (Master) 24Spell Scroll0.0113%
Black Jack (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Amends (Master) 21Spell Scroll0.0113%
Rapidity (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Charm III (Master) 20Spell Scroll0.0113%
Shadow Coil (Master) 22Spell Scroll0.0113%
Speechless II (Master) 30Spell Scroll0.0097%
Quick Strike IV (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Howl of the Damned II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Daelis' Dance of Blades II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Faith Strike III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bruising Spirit (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Villainy II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Vengeance (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Conjuror's Pact II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Immobilizing Lunge II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Shift Mana II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Vine Net III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Rising Phoenix II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Torment III (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Hateful Slam II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Vacuum Field III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ancient Shroud III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Fanatic's Faith II (Master) 30Spell Scroll0.0097%
Crystal Blast V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Echoes of the Ancients (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Power Cleave II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Hold the Line III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bladeweaver II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Void Contract II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Unholy Blessing II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Firestorm II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ward of the Untamed (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Hidden Shot (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Precise Strike (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Unending Agony II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Heal Servant III (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Harvest Mana (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bob and Weave II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Body Check III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Hemorrhage V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Painful Lamentations II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Sandra's Deafening Strike IV (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Darksong Blade II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Shoulder Charge II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Umbral Warding II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Virtue (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bane of Warding (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Willow Wisp II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Curse of Darkness (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Divine Vengeance II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Hunker Down II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Aurora (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Dire Balm V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Rejuvenation V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Controlled Rage (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Healstorm II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Overpower III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Cataclysm III (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Malice III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Eye Gouge (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Curse of Void (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Tap Essence (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Battle Cry II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Crystallize Soul (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Sever II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Destructive Mind (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Flurry of Blades (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ministration V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Sylvan Bloom V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Maul II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Repentance II (Master) 32Spell Scroll0.0097%
Rear Shot III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Untamed Regeneration II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Battery and Assault III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Shattered Earth (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Blaze Kick II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Paranoia III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Teachings of the Underworld II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Barroom Negotiation II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Necrotic Reconstruction III (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Pure Awe (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Iron Will (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Gushing Wound III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Murderous Design II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ceremonial Blade II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Plague III (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Terror Chant II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Beg for Mercy (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ancient Wrath II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Entangle (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Transcendence II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Word of Redemption II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Lightning Strike IV (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Indomitable Will II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Magma Chamber III (Master) 30Spell Scroll0.0097%
Hunter's Instinct II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Spinechiller Blood IV (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Head Shot (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Mortality Mark (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Nature's Salve V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Disorientation II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Impale II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Malevolent Diatribe II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Siphon Strike II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Extract Mana II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Signet of Intellect II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Disarming Grin (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Charging Tiger II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Chaos II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Painbringer III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Cleave Flesh II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Puncture IV (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Meliorate V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Regrowth III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Divine Strike III (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Defensive Haven II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Riana's Relentless Tune II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Harmony II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Demonstration of Faith II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Rupture III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Howl of Death (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Solar Flare V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Thunderous Overture (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Devour Vitae (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Body Like Mountain (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Lightning Palm II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Wall of Rage II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Dragon Rage (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Shield of Faith (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Penance III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Inner Calm II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Rune of Thought II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Judgment III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Devout Sacrament (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Berserker Onslaught (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Gouge II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Mutilate II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Heretic's Doom (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Spine Shot II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Street Smarts II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Prophetic Ward (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ro's Blade II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Flash of Steel IV (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Will of the Heavens II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Luda's Nefarious Wail III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ultraviolet Beam V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Prismatic Chaos (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Wild Accretion II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Tyrant's Pact II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Triple Shot (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Encase II (Master) 30Spell Scroll0.0097%
Vital Intercession III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ancestral Ward III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Holy Intercession II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Snap of the Wrist II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Primal Fury (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Pummel III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Lucky Gambit III (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Razor Edge II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Essence Shift II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Icefall III (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Savage Ruin (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Garsin's Funeral March (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Waking Dragon III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Death's Door II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Instinct (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Chilling Claws (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Grisly Protection II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ruin II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Allegretto II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Perfect Shrill III (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Heroic Dash II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Stealth Assault (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Brambles II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Grave Sacrament (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Medusa Gaze III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Lightning Fists II (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bloody Ritual II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Winds of Healing II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Dark Pact II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Aggressive Defense III (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Primal Reflexes II (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Asylum II (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Feast (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Geotic Rune II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%
Holy Strike (Master) 28Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bash III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Thuri's Doleful Thrust IV (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Soulrot V (Master) 29Spell Scroll0.0097%
Flash of Brilliance (Master) 25Spell Scroll0.0097%
Imprecate IV (Master) 31Spell Scroll0.0097%
Ice Spears III (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Spirits II (Master) 27Spell Scroll0.0097%
Bloody Reminder II (Master) 26Spell Scroll0.0097%