Zone:Veeshan's Peak
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Biped, Draconic, Dragon, Nocharm, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Grants AA


  1. There are many static defenders floating around the room. Watch for them, and stay on the walls! They will stun you and drain your life away.
  2. The arms with the floating lava rock in it, pictured at right, must be "reprogrammed" by someone with the machine key from the table west of Taskmaster Nichok. Do this before the fight, except for two behind Silverwing that will have to be done after the fight starts. Remember to stay on the walls and watch out for wisps!
  3. Throughout the fight, a droag will sometimes come out and flip a switch on the wall to the left of the entrance. Someone must flip it off again. This turns off the static defenders on the side of the room the switch is on. There is another switch on the opposite side of the room.
  4. A beacon
    A beacon
    Periodically, Silverwing will name a person that must find and deactivate a small beacon somewhere in the room. Silverwing cannot be harmed until this is done. The person named will receive a buff of purple vision, enabling them to see the statue. If they die it is no good to resurrect them as they have lost the buff and it is a wipe. Where the statue is depends on the archtype of the person named.
    • Priest is behind Silverwing's start location, where his tail was.
    • Fighter is on the entrance side, near the lever/tank spot.
    • Scout is the one farthest away from the priest statue
    • Mage is opposite the fighter one.
  5. Silverwing will AE "Wing Beat" every 65 seconds. The MT group will need Blade Dance or Turtle Skin to survive this, all others should joust out to the spot Silverwing was standing when you entered.

Bruiser, Guardian and Illusionist need Silverwing for their final kill for the Mythical Weapon.

Rise of Kunark Raid Quest Series
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2The Amulet of DrolakisEmperor Venril - Overking Selrach
3Into the Bowels of the BeastThe Leviathan
4The Secret of the Stone
Sub-quest:Taking on Trakanon
Kluzen the Protector - Elder Ekron - Nexona - Druushk - Taskmaster Nichok - Milyex Vioren - Qunard Ashenclaw - Xygoz - Hoshkar - Travenro the Skygazer - Silverwing - Phara Dar

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