King Vroak Vriipp  

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Zone:The Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Purpose:The Froglok King
Classifications:Biped, Froglok, Lower Guk Cursed, Noblooded, Nocharm, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial, Undead, Zombie
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a scribbled note, page 10 0Item100%
Blood of the Froglok King 90Item100%
Leather Bracers of the Guk Priest 79Armor33.3333%
Black Enameled Plate Bracers 79Armor33.3333%
Finely Crafted Dark Mail Forearms 79Armor33.3333%
Linked Band of the Guk Court 80Accessory25%
Furious Pantaloons of the Froglok King 80Armor25%
Darkened Mithril Boots 80Armor25%
White Gold Necklace 80Accessory15%
bunch of white rowan berries 015%
Adamantite Epaulets 80Armor15%
undead froglok love note 0Item5%
Apophelli Wax Sealed Document 0Item2.4138%
Kunzite Amulet 0Item2.4138%
Kunzite Scrying Stone 0Item2.4138%
Deklium Relic 0Item2.4138%
Advanced Adornments Volume 8 0Recipe Book0.6667%
Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands 0Recipe Book0.3333%
glass flower 0Item0.200%
a fishman scale amulet 0Item0.200%
tentacle statue 0Item0.200%
bejeweled miniature dagger 0Item0.200%
polished lapis lazuli orb 0Item0.200%
Street Smarts VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Luda's Nefarious Wail VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ceremonial Blade VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Miragul's Dark Heart Summoning (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Black Widow Stance III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lay on Hands V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cannibalize Thoughts IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sandra's Deafening Strike VII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Storm of Arrows III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancient Wrath VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Torpor II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Furnace of Ro II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flurry of Blades V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Abomination VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Night Strike VII (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Simple Minds VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tempest VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Frigid Gift IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancient Shroud VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Doppelganger (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crystal Blast VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Armor of Seasons VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Chains of Torment VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Pledge of Armament V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shenanigans V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Malevolent Diatribe VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Asylum VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aegolism VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Geotic Rune VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lunar Attendant III (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Imprecate VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Grim Sorcerer V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Barroom Negotiation VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Repent (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Innoruuk's Caress VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Manhandle V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Epiphany V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dragonfire II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Power Cleave V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Destructive Mind V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Inner Calm VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mountain Stance IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloody Ritual VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Knockout Combination II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Sentry (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mana Intromission IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Jarol's Sorrowful Requiem V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ego Shock VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Forward Charge VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Frenzy III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Malice VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Harvest Mana V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Netherlord III (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aqueous Swarm V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unswerving Hammer II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Battle Cry VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sacrifice IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fiery Magician V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aneurysm VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dire Balm VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Involuntary Gift IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Savior IV (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Survival Instincts V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Raging Blow VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Ward VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Death Swarm VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rising Dragon V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thunderbolt V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nature's Embrace VII (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Righteousness VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Disheartening Descant V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Undead Horde II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Untamed Regeneration VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lifetap V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Paranoia VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sign of Pacification VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Precise Strike V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Clarion VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Breeze V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Double Blast V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Spell Curse IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hunter's Instinct VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Winds of Permafrost IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cleave Flesh V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Immobilizing Lunge VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Obliterated Psyche V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Body Like Mountain V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aurora V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Prayer of Healing VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sonic Punch II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Plague VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blaze Kick VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hateful Slam VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fanatic's Faith V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Uppercut IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Miracle Shot IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Synergism IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blazing Avatar III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Death Blow II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bodyguard VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Boon of the Damned V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Elemental Unity II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hangman's Noose VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Repentance V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Chromatic Shower III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Terror Chant VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Allegretto VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shanghai VII (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lockdown VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Heresy II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crouching Tiger VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Antagonize VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Peel (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Soulrend VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tormenting Conversion III (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Savage Assault III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Void Contract VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hunker Down VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Incinerate VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Head Shot V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Eviscerate VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bria's Inspiring Ballad VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Pestilence II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thorny Trap II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dismay V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sinister Countenance V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vital Transfer VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Abuse VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Putrefy VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ruin VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Silence V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Torment VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Deadly Shot VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Speechless V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Divide and Conquer (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Jael's Mysterious Mettle V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tenacity VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Extract Mana VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Primal Fury V (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Five Rings V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Absolute Corruption IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Premonition VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Acid Storm (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bob and Weave VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cataclysm VII (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Glacial Flames V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mock VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flash of Steel VII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Condemn VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Painbringer VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vital Intercession VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Death Cloud VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sandstorm III (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Enrage VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Necrotic Reconstruction VII (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Demolish IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Acid VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Murderous Rake V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Apocalypse III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Demonstration of Faith VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Chaos VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Soulrot VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lanet's Excruciating Scream V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Roundhouse VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Necromantic Pact VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Siphoning of Souls II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Scream of Death II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Challenge VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fervent Faith II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Healing Grove II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Villainy VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rebuke VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lightning Fists V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Maddening Swarm III (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Avatar III (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shattered Earth V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Consecrate II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Call of Shielding V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Quick Strike VII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Band of Thugs II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Kidney Stab VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Gouge V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Viscerate VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rupture VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ritual Healing VII (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Feast IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Stunning Roar IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hamstring V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Runic Armor VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Debilitate III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Taunting Blow VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Berserk Rage VII (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Prismatic Chaos V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vehemence V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sleight of Hand (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ice Spears VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Noxious Efflux V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloodcloud V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Wrath of the Ancients IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Charm VII (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Velium Winds VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Defensive Haven VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tap Veins II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mind's Eye III (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Spiritual Circle II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Overpower VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Heretic's Doom V (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Grim Harbinger VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ice Comet III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ball of Fire V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Avoid Blame V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lightning Palm V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Smite Corruption III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rob VII (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Armor VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Personae Reflection VII (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Phantasmal Awe V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Archer's Fury V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Graceful Avoidance V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Wrath Stance VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Silent Palm III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tarven's Crippling Crescendo VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Divine Vengeance VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Frostbite V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Devout Sacrament V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fire Seed V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Aid VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Snipe VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Provoke VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Devour Vitae V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Grasping Bones V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Trick Shot V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Slam V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blessing of the Paladin V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Storm of Steel II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Converge V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Curse of Void V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ursine Avatar V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Black Jack V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blood Rage V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Painful Lamentations V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flash of Brilliance V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vampirism (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unholy Covenant VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vengeance IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rejuvenation VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Deteriorate VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Misfortune's Kiss VII (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vampire Bats IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ultraviolet Beam VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Indomitable Will VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hierophantic Genesis III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Abandoned Fury VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fear V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Whirling Blades V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Petrify V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Howl of Death V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thorncoat VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Masked Strike VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ministration VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shackle VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Brutality VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Grasp of Bertoxxulous VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Arctic Talon IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Consumption II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rampage III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sever VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Redemption IV (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fusion II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Absolution V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Beatdown VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Knight's Stance VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Communion (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Manatap IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Daro's Sorrowful Dirge IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fancy Footwork V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Undead Knight VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Pandemic VII (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Songster's Luck VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Healstorm VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Grisly Protection VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crusade V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Harmony VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Destructive Rage V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Forced Obedience V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lullaby III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dark Infestation II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Snaring Shot III (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thornskin VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Armored VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Teachings of the Underworld VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Arctic Blast V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sacred Armor VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Arcane Symphony V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aspect of the Forest VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Faerie Ally (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Brainshock VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Song of Magic VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Daring Advance VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Circle VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Calm Tranquility VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Restoration VII (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Howl of the Damned VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shank IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Triple Shot V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thuri's Doleful Thrust VII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sucker Punch IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Avenger IV (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aria of Magic V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Elemental Concerto III (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dawnstrike VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Judgment VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ring of Fire II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bladeweaver VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Voice of the Ancestors II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Intercession VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dragon Rage V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Solar Flare VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flamboyant Strike III (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Roundhouse Kick VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloody Reminder VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Decimate II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Assassinate III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Undergrowth III (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Recapture (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Jugular Slice V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Slurred Insult VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fanaticism III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blaze of Faith IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Ground (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cunning Defense V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unholy Blessing VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crystallize Soul IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Root VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Incarcerate IV (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Merciless Stomp VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Deny VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Natural Selection V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Evade VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aery Hunter IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Regenerating Spores IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Photosynthesis VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Transfer Life IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hawk Attack II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lung Puncture II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Berserker Onslaught V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rending IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mug VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Razor Edge V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holdup VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Torture VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ball Lightning (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Control Undead II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Winds of Velious II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Waking Dragon VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Wild Accretion VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Pure Awe V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Faith Strike VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Entrance VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Battery and Assault VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Balm II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lucidity VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Pummel VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blackguard V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
War Cry V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Divine Smite VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Instinct V (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloodbath VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Storming Tempest II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cuss V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Peaceful Link IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Invective III (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Double-Cross VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fatal Followup (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lucan's Pact VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Wall of Rage VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Wail of the Banshee III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shoulder Charge VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dark Siphoning V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lich III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Healing Fate V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hibernation II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fae Fire IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Chaos Anthem IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Abhorrent Seal III (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shift Mana VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fortify Elements VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Assault VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unholy Hunger VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ro's Blade VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Slothful Spirit II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hold the Line VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Medusa Gaze VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Power of Mind VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Gut Kick VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rift II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Umbral Warding VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Puppetmaster (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Backstab VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Snap of the Wrist VI (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Spirit of the Bat III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Concussion V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Plant IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cacophony of Blades II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hostage V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Heroic Dash VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Grave Sacrament V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Glory III (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Illusory Allies II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Silent Threat VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Iron Will V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Deathward (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Cease VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shout VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Apply Poison II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fuliginous Whip V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Focused Intervention III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Penitent Kick VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Doom Judgment III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Adrenaline (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rear Shot VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Roaring Flames IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Call to Arms VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Decree III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crippling Strike III (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nullify VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Essence Shift VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Stream of Arrows II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Frozen Palm VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Spirit of the Mammoth V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Signet of Intellect VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thieves Guild (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sneak Attack VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bum Rush VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dispatch II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mana Sieve II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Defile II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mana Cloak III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Darksong Blade VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Desperate Thrust III (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Essence of the Great Bear V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Spirits VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Conjuror's Pact VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nature's Elixir VII (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Peerless Predator V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Singing Shot V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lucky Gambit VII (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hemorrhage VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mortal Blade V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Najena's Essence Summoning (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Depressing Chant VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Lightning Strike VII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shock Wave III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Befuddle V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Warden of the Forest V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Maelstrom III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bane of Warding V (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Improvised Weapon IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Immolation VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unending Agony VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dark Blade VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ambush VII (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Gushing Wound VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Head Crush V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Arrow Rip IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Carrion Warding VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Countersong (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vacuum Field VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Body Check VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aggressive Defense VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Disorientation VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Everburning Flame IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Stupefy V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rune of Thought VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Skeletal Grasp IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Charging Tiger VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Emberstrike VII (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unflinching Will VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Devouring Mist III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ice Storm VII (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mana Trickle IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nightmare VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Quicksand VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dancing Blade VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Channel II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dark Pact VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Favor of the Wild V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Inquest III (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Heal Servant VII (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloodletter (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Inquisition (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rising Phoenix VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Maul VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Winds of Healing VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Regrowth VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
One Hundred Hand Punch V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tranquility II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ring of Ice IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dreadful Wrath IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rock Skin IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Act of War IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bria's Entrancing Sonnet V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Perfection of the Maestro II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blessed Weapon VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Forest Spirit V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Symbol of Marzin V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Garsin's Funeral March V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Porcupine III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fanatical Healing VII (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Harl's Rousing Tune VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flameshield V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Noxious Symphony V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Earthquake V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Refusal of Atonement IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Prophetic Ward IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Daelis' Dance of Blades VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Glacial Wind V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Weapon Counter IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Master's Intervention III (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Encase V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Icefall VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancestral Mettle V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Soul Cannibalize II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Netherealm II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Distortion V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Siphon Strength IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Smoldering Fists VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Back into the Fray II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mark of Divinity V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Disarming Grin V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Castigate II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bruising Spirit V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Puncture VII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flames of Velious III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Willow Wisp VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Intimidate V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Fiery Annihilation VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Starnova IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Forced Hesitation VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Regalia IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Riana's Relentless Tune VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Zander's Choral Rebuff III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bruising III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Iceshield V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dark Nebula VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vehement Skin IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blighted Horde V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sacrificial Restoration VII (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Daro's Dull Blade VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aspect of Darkness VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ranger's Blade VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Transcendence VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Litany IV (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dead Calm V (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bewilderment V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bash VII (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Surge of Ro IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Master of the Hunt V (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Chromatic Storm VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nightshade IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mortality Mark V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Guardian Sphere III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Hidden Shot V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloodlust VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Meliorate VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Divine Strike VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rejuvenating Celebration IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mutilate VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shroud of Armor VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Death's Door VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Netherous Bind VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dogma II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Death Mark V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Magma Chamber VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Feral Tenacity IV (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Brainburst VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Penance VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Oberon III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Harm Touch V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Stalk VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Theorems IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Taunting Assault III (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aura of Void IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Massacre V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Blasphemy VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Karana's Hold VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Inspired Daring III (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Insolence II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ensnare VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shadow Coil V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Outward Calm II (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shield of Faith IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Impale VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Autumn's Kiss VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Retaliate IV (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Spine Shot V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Devastation Fist IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Makeshift Arrows V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Harbinger VI (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nature's Renewal IV (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Storm of Lightning VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Stunning Blow IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Devious Blade IV (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Word of Redemption VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Awestruck IV (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Divine Inspiration VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Firestorm VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Elemental Aspect VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Protoflame III (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Echoes of the Ancients V (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Insidious Whisper VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Virtue V (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Aspect of Genius VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Bloodcoil VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Meteor Fist VI (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nature's Salve VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Siphon Strike VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Battle Tactics V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crescent Strike VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ancient Terror IV (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Oration of Sacrifice II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Gift of Bertoxxulous IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Alleviation VI (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Rays of Disintegration (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Armor of Nature VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Purifying Flames V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Controlled Rage V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Jael's Dreadful Deprivation V (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Earthen Avatar VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Knee Break VI (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Perfect Shrill VII (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Mesmerize VII (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tap Essence V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Unholy Strength V (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Verlien's Keen of Despair VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Strike V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Caltrops VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Shroud of Bertoxxulous V (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Curse of Darkness V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sniper Shot II (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Amnesia II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tease V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Stealth Assault V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Searing Shot VI (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Holy Salvation IV (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Paralyzing Strike IV (Master) 73Spell Scroll0.0446%
Brambles VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Call of Storms II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Vexing Verses VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Awaken Grave IV (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Eye Gouge V (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Warring Deities V (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Striking Cobra VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Invocation VII (Master) 72Spell Scroll0.0446%
Thunderous Overture V (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dissolve VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Nature's Pack II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Coverage (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Ward of the Untamed IV (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dashing Swathe V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Demoralizing Processional II (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%
Intimidation VI (Master) 76Spell Scroll0.0446%
Tyrant's Pact VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
En Garde II (Master) 78Spell Scroll0.0446%
Dark Pyre VI (Master) 77Spell Scroll0.0446%
Sylvan Bloom VIII (Master) 71Spell Scroll0.0446%
Flow Like Wind VI (Master) 75Spell Scroll0.0446%
Will of the Heavens VI (Master) 79Spell Scroll0.0446%
Gravitas (Master) 80Spell Scroll0.0446%
Crippling Arrow V (Master) 74Spell Scroll0.0446%