a Myr'dal magician  

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Zone:Mistmoore Catacombs
Possible Classes:Warlock
Level:65 - 66
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Faydwer, Humanoid, Living, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Candy Corn 0Item10%
flask of enchanted water 0Item5%
large meaty bone 0Item5%
small bag of compost 0Item5%
Advanced Adornments Volume 7 0Recipe Book2.500%
Blueprint: Overclocked Hovering Device 0Recipe Book1.250%
Blueprint: Reconstructor 0Recipe Book1.250%
Severed Flesh Wrist Bindings 61Accessory1.0909%
Quivering Flesh Bracers 61Armor1.0909%
Quivering Marrow Wand 61Weapon1.0909%
Moonstone Scrying Stone 0Item1.0345%
Xegonite Relic 0Item1.0345%
Moonstone Amulet 0Item1.0345%
Flamewrought Sealed Document 0Item1.0345%
Gushing Bone Necklace 61Accessory0.5455%
vial of wind 0Item0.3333%
statue of Xegony 0Item0.3333%
avocet talon 0Item0.3333%
white satin glove 0Item0.3333%
petrified seed 0Item0.3333%
droag egg fragment 0Item0.3333%
Green Marrow Earring 61Accessory0.1818%