Zykluk Vyx  

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Zone:The Crypt
Possible Classes:Mystic
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Warchief of the Utala
Classifications:Biped, Kunark Iksar, Noblooded, Organic, Skeleton, Terrestrial, Undead
Grants AA

Warchief of the Utala

  • Epic x4

This is a tank and spank encounter please see Ye Olde Tank and Spank strategy for this basic strategy overview. The specialized information is detailed below for this encounter.

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Additional Info

Zykluk Vyx is the one of the first four mobs in protectors realm he is a basic fight with one, area of effect that needs jousting. If your raid force is well into the TSO raid progression this AE can be left to run its course. If your coming at him with legendary ROK gear it is recommended that you use the joust suggestion.

Non Melee Abilities

  • Judgement of the Faceless (46 second timer)
    • Damage Type: Disease
Area of Effect fear/dot for up to 400/tick. Can be jousted as seen in the diagram below.

None needed.

Encounter Diagram

Zukluk Vyx Encounter Diagram
EverQuest II

ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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