Venril Sathir  

Venril Sathir
Zone:Venril Sathir's Lair
Possible Classes:Warlock
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:The Incarnate
Classifications:Biped, Kunark Iksar, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nodrag, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial, Undead, Venril Sathir
Grants AA

The key to this fight is personal responsibility for your own power management. Each and every raider MUST keep their power within the guidlines and you will defeat this mob!

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Healers only heal and cure and don't do damage of any kind.

1-2 people devoted to clicking the statues in his room. Statues must be clicked constantly during the fight to prevent the two larger statues in the hallway leading up to his room from spawning.

During the fight Venril will cast Toxic Infusion, which is an AOE that is on a 38s timer. You have 6 seconds to cure this Noxious effect from your raid. Cure it or die from a follow-up spell called Fatalisis. Bring potions in case you don't have group noxious cures in every group.

At 65% Venril will emote how he will finish the fight. Use the Mistmyrian Soulcube from Tairiza within 5 seconds or die.

Qxzytl's Conversion
Qxzytl's Conversion
At 60%, with Venril's main ability disabled, he will begin to watch your power consumption and all player's will be DOT'd with Qxzytl's Conversion. Your raid force must keep their power within 30% and 60% (or 20% and 67% depending on who you trust) to be safe. If a raid member goes over 60% or under 30% for too long, he will spawn adds that will wipe the raid. Over is better, as only you die... if you get under for more than 10 seconds the whole raid dies.

On top of just maintaining your power, Venril will also place 2 kinds of effects on 2 random members every 45 seconds. These effects last for about 10-12 seconds and make it more challenging to keep your power in the target zone.

Mana Sacrifice causes you to consume 200% more power than usual. Do not use any abilities that use power while this effect is on you. If you can, turn up your particle effects because you will glow 'BLUE' when Mana Sacrifice is on you. If you are in the middle of casting anything and the effect lands on you cancel it immediately.

The other ability is the opposite. It gives the target enhanced power regen. A feed of about 1% power every 2 seconds for 10-12 seconds.

Alternative Strategies

OK so this fight is an exercise in control, power control. If you lack control you will wipe the raid repeatedly. Given that we all make mistakes this fight can be frustrating for those who are used to zoning out on their casting order. We all have to blink now and then so for this fight you must relax clear your mind of all thoughts that do not involve power management. Ascend into the Tantric state of power management… Become one with your power bar or become one with the exit its that important.

Known Info

This fight requires precision control of your power usage. Once Venril hits 60% health no player's power can exceed 60% or drop below 20% or bad things happen that wipe the raid. Ideally the target for your power should be 50% +/- 5 to 10% keeping your power as close to 50% is a reasonable target if your not OCD like me. Venril will drain power from folks in the raid once the power watch is active. At 65% you need to burn him down at a steady clip to get Venril's health to 59%. At 50% he will put up spell reflect. Some time in the previous health range the Cube needs to be used to avoid him using his ring to power drain the entire raid. After this he will buff 2 players periodically with an effect called Mana Sacrifice that causes CAs and Spells to use a huge amount of power per use you must be prepared to mitigate this at anytime. DOT spells should not be used.

Melee Abilities

  • Slashing 100%

Healing Abilities

  • Bolster Confidence
  • Qxzytls Bolt

Non Melee Abilities

  • Cure Noxious (reprieve & remedy)

Strategy Overview

Venril is one of the more complicated strategies in the Kunark expansion. The pull for this strategy begins with the raid set up as seen in the diagram below. Main Tank (MT) starts the pull by crossing the threshold of Vernril's chamber. MT will pull venril back to the spot designated in the diagram. While the pull is occuring one raid member preferably a feign class need to enter venrils chamber and set up to manage statues, more on this later. Once Venril is in place this is a straight forward tank in place, joust AE and manage your power for this portion of the strategy.

Percentage based timeline of this fight

100% Venril starts the fight with a buff on him Cape of the something. It is a %chance when you damage him to apply a dot and fear you. Toxic Infusion: This is a tiered AE that under 14 meters has a high damage DOT. It MUST be Cured in less than 4 seconds. Outside 14 meters its a low damage DOT. Fatalasis: If Toxic infusion is on you when fatalasis procs, 5 seconds after Fatalasis hits. It is a massive direct damage and power drain. He also has a sub 14 meter AE Trauma based Mesmerize spell. Power feed: Randomly he picks two people in the raid to feed power. Each CA or spell returns 223% of its power cost in power and each auto attack provides you with approx 300 power. This effect lasts for 20 seconds and does not apply a detrimental effect icon and I haven't noticed a buff Icon or timer.

90%: At this point he activates his golems. The statues by his throne have to be deactivated at this point and very shortly after they reactivate throughout the remainder of the fight.

65%: At this point the raid has to use the Cube on him to prevent a massive Raid Wiping AOE from his ring. Also, if he is not brought down to 60% in a matter of a few seconds he will Get off another massive power drain AOE. Qxyztl's something.60% At this point he Begins to watch your power. Power must be within 60% to 20% on every single member of the raid. If you go to 60%+ then he performs Qxyztl's Aura on the raid which is a massive AOE direct Damage and Power Drain. If you get to 20% or under he charms you and summons a 85^^^X4 add that will wipe the raid. Also at this point he begins casting Mana Sacrifice. It applies an effect to every CA/spell so that it costs 223% more power and each autoattack that lands drains approx 300 power. This effect lasts for 20 seconds and the timer is 35 seconds.

50% He beings a cycle Mana Sacrefice which is a 1600point direct power drain at his target every 45 seconds. From this point on you have to deal with all of the above so it is important to get you personal strategy worked out and pay attention.

TIP: A great way to help manage your power is to set up a macro with the following: /autoattack 0 | Use Ability Sprint | Use Ability Sprint this strips an automatic 10% power instantly. The macro will turn off autoattack and toggle your sprint on and off. You can get feared from his proc with sprint on and burn to much power if you don't use this macro and just try to manual toggle sprint so it is not advised.

Heal Strategy

Standard stuff {sarcasm} heal the main tank, diligent use of anti death spells. Manage your power. Jcap on the MT healers during the pull is recommended. Clean up the TI cures for those folks that may be feared or stunned. It should also be noted that the the fear is a defensive proc so healer should never engage melee on Venril to avoid being feared.

Tank Strategy

MT tanks Venril in the spot designated in the diagram below. The MT should walk or crouch to ensure that when they do get feared they do not drag Venril across the raid force. Manage your power. Spam the cube at 65%

DPS Strategy

Controlled DPS joust back to designated spot in the diagram for the AE. Use Cure nox potions to clear TI fast. When Venril is at 25% drop back to ranged DPS slow and low burn until he is dead. Manage your power, watch for Mana Sacrifice if you get it spam ESC until your just standing there and use Essence of Clarity potions and other mana gain items to keep your power right.

Special Team Strategy

This job is mind numbing but critical to the success of the fight. Behind Venril there are 2 statues that glow with a neon green flame particle effect. You have to have particle effects set to minimum, 5 sources, the level of detail bias set to far and move in close to the fire pot so that the flame in the pot is out of view to ensure you can see the green flames while keeping both statues in view and click able. The statues are deactivated by right clicking and selecting the option to activate them. The initial activation is the tricky part when Venril hits 93% health count to five and activate the statues. It is recommended that you let the raid know in VOIP that you have them down for the first activation as they will need to drop him to 89% in less that 10 seconds or you will miss the first activation and wipe the raid. After this you will need to right click and activate them about every 25 seconds or so for the duration of the fight. While they are inactive the green flames go away so when the flames come back you have about 3 seconds to deactivate them or the statues below will come to life and wipe the raid. Stay focused and try not to fall asleep or get too distracted by your power management and it goes pretty smooth.

Encounter Diagram

Venril Sathir Encounter Diagram

Raid Groups

Group Setups
Main Tank Support Tank Melee DPS Caster DPS
Berserker Shadow Knight Guardian Ranger
Dirge Dirge Dirge Troubador
Coercer Coercer Illusionist Illusionist
Warden Assassin Brigand Swashbuckler
Defiler Mystic Bruiser Warlock
Templar Templar Inquisitor Inquisitor
NOTE: All strategies are written up with the group setups used to beat these encounters at the time and while the specific classes used are not required the general roles that they fill are.


This is a long fight that requires very good power control Venril is very tricky. Tempers will run high you will get yelled at just remember its not personal it just heat of the battle talk. If you try hard and follow suggestions to manage your power and stay on your game Venril will die like all the rest.

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