a disembodied Nisch Mas  

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Zone:Sundered Splitpaw
Possible Classes:Paladin
Level:20 - 21
Difficulty:- to ^
Classifications:Ghost, Inorganic, Noblooded, Non-humanoid, Old World, Terrestrial
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a vial of spectral essence 0Item25%
a ghost phantasmal echo 0Item21%
a ghost emotion resonance 0Item21%
a ghost ethereal strand 0Item21%
a ghost vile plasm 0Item21%
a ghost remnant memory 0Item21%
Marshmallows 0Item10%
Jasper Amulet 0Item5.4138%
Advanced Adornments Volume 3 0Recipe Book2%
an ethereal nerve 0Item2%
small bag of ammonium sulfate 0Item1%
flask of stale water 0Item1%
large decaying bone 0Item1%
Nisch Val Helm 43Armor0.6915%
Spiked Flail of Mauling 19Weapon0.6915%
Engraved Splitpaw Vambraces 43Armor0.6915%
Ancient Splitpaw Leather Skullcap 43Armor0.6915%
Splitpaw Embossed Platemail Tonlets 23Armor0.6147%
Nisch Mas Wristguards 23Armor0.6147%
Wristguards of the Splitpaw Prophet 23Armor0.6147%
Tallow Sealed Document 0Item0.4138%
Jasper Scrying Stone 0Item0.4138%
Steel Relic 0Item0.4138%
Chainmail Gloves of Eerie Darkness 19Armor0.3688%
Ancient Indigo Gauntlets 19Armor0.3688%
Hardened Snake Skin Boots 19Armor0.3688%
Riven Embroidered Cowl 19Armor0.3688%
Band of Shrunken Gnoll Skulls 23Accessory0.3688%
Dreaded Mace 39Weapon0.3225%
Malevolent Splitpaw Platemail Helm 33Armor0.3225%
Studded Splitpaw Skullcap 33Armor0.3225%
Shoulder Pads of the Hunt 33Armor0.3225%
Venerable Splitpaw Woven Boots 29Armor0.258%
Crystalized Gnoll Eye Ring 33Accessory0.258%
Sleek Embroidered Cowl 29Armor0.258%
Chainmail Boots of the Usurper 29Armor0.258%
Splitpaw Defender's Gauntlets 29Armor0.258%
Manevolent Splitpaw Vanguard Gauntlets 39Armor0.1844%
Chainmail Gloves of Strife 39Armor0.1844%
Damask Splitpaw Cowl 39Armor0.1844%
Damask Splitpaw Slippers 39Armor0.1844%
Splitpaw Watchman's Boots 39Armor0.1844%
foggy globe 0Item0.125%
ancient copper coin 0Item0.125%
simple arcane formula 0Item0.125%
application for citizenship 0Item0.125%
black face paint 0Item0.125%
strange dark powder 0Item0.125%
small disk of metal 0Item0.125%
bag of bone dust 0Item0.125%