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Zone:Lair of the Dragon Queen
Possible Classes:Wizard
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Herald of Toxxulia
Classifications:Biped, Kunark Droag, Living, Nocharm, Nodrag, Nomemwipe, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial
Grants AA

Vuulan is a mob with 3 tricks up his sleeve that require high survivability, good healing, good DPS, and up to 3 melee DPS to run in a clockwise fashion around the room.

Vuulan, when pulled, will attack, but also cast a noxious AoE which requires good critical mitigation (40% and up is suggested) and good Noxious resists. It is uncurable and this is the main killer in the raid.

All, there are four egg clusters which must be destroyed quickly, or they spawn adds which stun and make life nasty for the raid. The first egg (if you look from the zone is in the far left, the next is far right, near right, and near left. At all times, a melee DPS must be running around destroying the eggs as the spawn. They eggs will spawn through the entire fight, so shards/hearts are good for keeping power up. The eggs will also spawn in clockwise order, so if you destroy once batch quickly, you have time to get over to the next set of eggs and use any potions/items you may want. I would suggest a pair of brawlers in this role.

Vuulan also spawns heroic dragon wizard adds, which must be stunned on spawning and burned down fast, so have an OT pull them, and DPS burn them down.

The trick in this fight is not to die too much. If you reach a certain number of death, Vuulan will become unkillable and wipe the raid. If you are dead, wait for a healer to cast one of the revive sickness less rez's on you, or you will respawn and be quickly killed by the AoE.

Good luck.

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