Zone:Karnor's Castle
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Biped, Dizok, Noblooded, Nocharm, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial, Undead, Vampire
Grants AA

There are four roamers going up and down between pillars when you enter the room. The three fire djinn's floating in the circle surounding Xalgoz... pull, kill. In the alcoves surrounding him there are 3 groups of Skeleton adds. You can walk around the outside of Xalgoz and the Vampire without agroing them. Kill those in the alcoves.

You can proximity pull the Vampire from the back alcove once the skeletons are down.

The only thing left is Xalgoz now. Good because he has a wicked knockback. He also heals when these 3 vials full of greenstuff go off (about 25% but I don't remember exactly but its about 20-25% health). They need to be short circuited by clicking them when they start shooting green gasses out to Xalgoz. In a full group it would be easier but personally I box him (swashy & warden). So tank him in an alcove with your back to a wall. When he gets to 25% short circuit the green vial things by clicking them. He will probably be healed to full health again by the time you got them all but if you did get them then they wont go off again.

Tank down - easy kill. Only killed him 3 times so I don't know what his respawn timer is or what his chest ratio is like. 2 ornates, 1 exquisit (lvl 72 brig master). Surprising that Karnors has no Fabled loot at all outside of Masters. I would hope this guy has a higher Master chest drop rate (which at 33% I guess he does in my experience).

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