Hoarfrost Pyreflyte  

Zone:Icy Keep: Retribution
Possible Classes:Dirge
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Ice Drake
Classifications:Construct, Drakota, Elemental
Grants AA

Adds a plenty.

Hoarfrosts has three tricks up his sleeve. He roots and has a nasty AoE curse, a knockback and the eggs spawn adds.

To the left side as you come in, there is a pool of water, and if you have your raid stand in there and your tank with his back to the wall, you will avoid the knockback.

The drake will all emote that he will be casting a fiery curse. At this point have the raid and tank get out 15 meters, and wait for the drake to cast his AoE and move towards the raid. Grab the mob and pull him back into place.

Also, if you get too close to the eggs scattered around the room, they will spawn the adds. They have few HPs and do little damage, but should still be taken care to avoid any problems later on.

At 15% or so percentage, the whole raid will be ported to the middle of the room. Repostion the raid and try to avoid any adds and burn the last 15%.

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