Rognog the Angler  

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Zone:The Cove of Decay: Epic Angler
Possible Classes:Dirge
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Amphibian, Giant, Humanoid, Living, Nocharm, Old World, Organic, Warmblooded
Grants AA

  • ^^^ Epic(x2)
  • ^^^ Epic(x4)
  • Spawns in succession, the first time as an x2 with a group of crabs, the second time by himself as an x4.
  • AE Knockback


When you zone into Rognog the Anglers Instance at the Cove of Decay entrance, you will notice there are 3 distinct groups of mobs in the zone. Rognog the Angler is unattackable at this time. Another group, aggro immediately, is the swarm of fish, on the land nearby the angler. The last is crabs wandering the beach.

Rognog is immune to crushing.

The raid should be placed nearby the camp fire on the beach. The MT will pull the swarm of fish - unleash the DPS on these - they should go down quickly. (picture1)

As soon as the fish are dead the crabs will attack, the MT should taunt these, burn them down just like you did the fish.

When the crabs are defeated, Rognog will attack, at this time you have to be aware that he has a single target knockback attack that will send the tank flying across the zone if he doesnt have something to stop him.

The MT should back up into one of the leanto's, or against the zone wall near the camp. Once you've got the mob positioned and aggro in control unleash the DPS on him. When he gets to 50% health, he will despawn and then respawn instantaneously. The MT will have to reestablish aggro with him, then you can proceed to burn him down, he won't reset again

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